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  1. ∞FireGirL∞

    GM FireGirL Events!

    Hello, In this thread I will be posting all the events I host in-game with this format: EVENT: SERVER: EVENT TYPE: WINNER/S: PRIZE:
  2. ∞FireGirL∞

    Banned Acc of Char tathie

    Character Involved: tathie Reason: trade account from another game Duration: 7 Days Thread: Here Proof: hidden to prevent advertisement Banned according to Banning Procedures and Regulations (Game Related)
  3. ∞FireGirL∞

    Banned Acc of Char [G]eneral.

    Character involved: [G]eneral. Reason: Light Racism Duration: 1 day Thread: Link Proof: Pic1 [Announcement] provocation \ Internet Bully
  4. ∞FireGirL∞

    Banned Acc of Char DECATLON

    Character Involved: DECATLON Reason: Macro Fail / Usage (4th time) Duration: 1 year (365 days) Proof: Click Thread: Previous Ban: Banned According to Banning Procedures...
  5. ∞FireGirL∞


    Name: Yoanna Dimitrova Age: 22 Years old IGN: FireGirLBG Short Description: Hello, everyone! I have been thinking of applying for this position for some time and now I am here among you. Let me start with a brief description of me. As I mentioned above, my name is Yoanna and I am 22 years...
  6. ∞FireGirL∞

    Game Suggestion Battle Event

    Hello everyone, I'd like to make a suggestion about the Battle Event ingame. My suggestion is to make different rooms in the Battle Event for every class, or atleast to disable the teleport of SM's, because as you see there is no chance to win other class different than SM. Im sure people who...
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    Provocation and Internet Bully

    Dear Infinitians, Since we are all entitled to be gamers, and humans, yes, even us the staff, We are going to step up with how strict we are regarding reoccurring provoking/internet bullying behavior. Here are some overall Ground Rules: 1) If someone is consistently calling you a dog - that...
  8. ∞FireGirL∞

    More PK, Melee Events

    Hello all! :) I want to suggest for more PK Events ingame.I think alot players will join in these events. Maybe 2-3 times in week is good..:)