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  1. Daniel-

    20 or 25 VD (Daniel-)

    Hello guys, i would like to buy ... 20 VD = 200 draco 25 VD = 230 draco + GC Feel free to comment and make offers Thanks
  2. Daniel-

    draco t2 SM/DL (Daniel-)

    my offer are pure rows write me here or in game : Daniel-, your prize have a good day
  3. Daniel-

    25$ vd(Daniel-)

    Hello I would like to buy 25$ VD My offer is Uber Draco T2 SM set IGN : Daniel- Thank you
  4. Daniel-

    Uber Ares set (UberDany)

    Hello, i would like to buy uber Ares set (sword+ring) Im paying with rows/GC/2x kantata pair+5 :D ign : UberDany
  5. Daniel-

    Denied Appeal Daniel- False / Missunderstood Banning

    In Game Name : Daniel- GM : DORAEMON REASON: BUG ABUSE good day to all the staff I made an appeal, to make everything clear, you can see in the video that he was the first to attack me, and I just retaliated and said that he was weak, I don't think so because I was banned My character, you can...
  6. Daniel-


    soo nice :)