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  1. Gahleon

    Gahleon's Events

    In this thread, I will be posting all my non-PK and PK events logs here. With this format: Event #: Server: Event type: Winner/s: Prize: Thank you! Gahleon's Scoreboard Character namePoints Wrizzly23 XR1720 (-3) *BossChris9 *WiL8 (-2) Durogizta4 Serberoact4 Z1000r4 IBKIFrozen3 MgLeche3...
  2. Gahleon

    [Test Event Master Application] Gahleon

    Application For Test Event Master About Me: Name: Raymond Goh Age: 34 Gender: Male IGN: Evilicious Location: Singapore (GMT+8) Languages: English / Chinese Hobbies: IMU, Badminton And Singing Skype: Garnes Nice IMU Experience: I joined this server in Oct 2018. I have been playing MU Online...
  3. Gahleon

    IMES Reaper Limit

    Just a suggestion, since we have max IMES limit under per EM, would it make sense if there's a limit to IMES Reaper too ? Or it was meant to be that way to make the event more interesting ?
  4. Gahleon

    Recommendation For Semi MG Set

    Hi i want to check if anyone knows what the more decent semi set for MG ? Mixed set will be better ? Or Semi-tyr which most of them are mentioning ? Please include weapons and accessories if you can so that i can a better understanding. Thanks in advance.
  5. Gahleon

    Encounter Error While In Game

    Hi i encounter this error while in game. Can i know what causes this or what should i do to solve it ? Thanks in advance.
  6. Gahleon

    Right Click For Chaos Machine

    Hi is it possible to right click for the items to go in at chaos machine ? Like how we do at vault ?
  7. Gahleon

    Change of reset condition to box of heaven instead of rena

    Hi i am not sure if this is workable. But just trying to ask. Sorry if it has been asked or not possible due to lack of understanding the game or programming. I have been doing resets and i was wondering since the only thing that box of heaven dropped is rena. Why not change it to be a fixed...
  8. Gahleon


    Hi i try to edit the vcorp.ini and after i complete my edit. I try to save and overwrite the existing one but it says access is denied. Am i missing on something ? And i notice there is this option called accountpass ? Can i know what's that ?
  9. Gahleon

    Add image to post button

    Hi, i read the guide on how to upload pics or screenshot and there is suppose to be a add image to post. But i did not see it. Can i know do i have to do some settings to enable it or is the button disabled ?
  10. Gahleon

    Disconnect when i do reset with NPC

    Hi i will get disconnect from server message after i clicked on the reset NPC. Can i know anyway to fix it ? Thank you.
  11. Gahleon

    Had an error when exiting the game

    Hi guys, everytime i exit game, live guard mu will prompt me and say mu.exe was not found or something like that. Is anyone of you facing this issue ? Thanks in advance.
  12. Gahleon

    Pingzapper Location

    Hi i understand that using pingzapper can reduce the ping in game. But can i know should i set to Europe using manual or just use automatic ? Because under some guide which i found here it says manual change to Europe but when i went to see my automatic it was set to US.West. I went to website...
  13. Gahleon

    Credits For Reset

    Hi i am new to this server. I have done several resets but i did not see the credit added in my account ? Can anyone guide me on how to check that ? Thanks in advance.