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    Ezio Events!

    Thanks! <3 <3 <3
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    Finished Event [Big Monthly Event] Kill The Boss

    Kill the Boss August 2017 The Boss Dreams wants to take over the Icarus map today. But, the greatest warriors of iMU gathers and trying to kill the boss, after a Long battle between the Boss and the Warriors of iMU, The mighty warrior that killed the Boss is *SM+. Our councils: Chi, Lelouch...
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    Finished Event [BIG EVENT] PK Monthly Winner

    PK Monthly of July 2017 This month's edition was hosted by Lelouch, Chi, Webz and Yeezus. We have a small amount of participants this month but they gave us an Awesome battle. After a quite long battle, the winner of this Month is "Prolactin AKA Wiki" and he chose to get Tartarus Mace of the...
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    Nikki Events!

    Thankies Nikko! :thumbsup:
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    Finished Event [Big Monthly Event] Kill The Boss

    Greetings to all Infinitians! Today May 7, 2017 our Big Event Kill The Boss was hosted playing as the boss was Webz with the assistance of Stan, and Yeezus. All sorts of players have gathered to participate in killing the boss and after around 5 to 10 minutes of killing here and there...
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    Nikki Events!

    Thankies Nikko! :thumbsup:
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    Finished Event [Big Event]Fire and Ice...

    Today (04/30/2017), The Battle of two Elements happened in Valley of Loren. 15 Fire Warriors Vs. 15 Ice Warriors and after the long battle, ICE got defeated, and only 4 FIRE Warriors left, and sealed the Victory. 4 Fire Warriors named: Kolbus Psychoman! FLA$HBANG History Congratulations to...
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    Finished Event [Big Event]Infinity Author Poetry Edition

    Infinity is the MU we Play, All night or even All Day, Rags to Riches, Survival of the fittest. That's what we do, Some people doin' it too. We the GREATEST, don't argue. "THE GREATEST" not number one, not Number Two.
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    Nikki Events!

    Thanks :thumbsup:
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    Banned account of Character *Maccabees

    Account of character *Maccabees is banned for 1day Reason: disturbing events Proof: Pic1, Pic2 Account banned because of symbol in name Banned by Nikki
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    Finished Event [BIG EVENT] PK Monthly Winner

    Hello there Infinitians ! PK Monthly event, February edition shall be hosted Sunday 19th of February 2017, 2 Hours before regular Castle Siege time. Gather your party and take up the challange to be crowned as PK Monthly Winner of February! As usual, 1 Sacred Mace of King or 1 Tartarus Mace...
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    Nikki Events!

    Thanks :heysexy:
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    Please Help.

    So, my friend got this Problem and He can't report it here in Forums, Because he doesn't know how. So, guys, Please Help me, help him to fix this prob. Thanks! <3
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    Yeezus's Events!

    Aloha to my fellow Infinitians! :) Thank you for giving me this opportunity to be one of the EM and to give you guys Fun and Exciting Events :) In this thread I'll post all my finished events I made in game. With the following Format: Event #: Server: Event: Winner: Prize: Have fun! and...
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    [Event Master Application] Yeezus!

    (aloha) I'mma try to take this chance to apply for Event Master, I said to my friends, That I'm not going to apply to any Staff position, because it's impossible. But hey? This worth a shot. Personal Information Name: Dranoel John R. Del Valle Nickname: DJ / Jay / Chips Age: 22 years old...
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    Lag Abuse?

    What is Lag Abuse? How can we know someone is abusing Lag? When does Lag Abuse occur? And what is the solution if you have lag, +200ping + and you're from PHilippines?(Cuz our internet sux.)? Thanks!
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    Throwback Thursday. Triad/Aiur Rumble.

    Hello Fellas! It's been a while since the disbandment of Triad. So this is one of the Rumble clips of us playing around. :) Hope y'all enjoy. Hihi
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    Finished Event [Big Event] Infinity Got Talent Season 7

    Good Day! This is my entry for this Event. (WARNING: Fat Boy Coming trough / Cringe Alert) :DD Have a good day! Forum Name: Yeezus! In-Game Name: Yeezus! Entry:
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    He can attack me, but I can't? Wtf is this? HAHA
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    [Event] InfinityMU Lottery

    21 2 18 30 07 12