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  1. [R]-Alpha(Finn)

    Heal The World =.=

    Put out your weapon =.= *lewlew*
  2. [R]-Alpha(Finn)

    A.W.I.C.H Alliance Moments

    Nice game!
  3. [R]-Alpha(Finn)

    CodeRED and Alliance Moments

    Haha, gud Boss =.=.
  4. [R]-Alpha(Finn)

    Where's the Players? :'( ...

    Many VietNamese leave this game ^^.
  5. [R]-Alpha(Finn)

    Combo machine *****

    Top cast : [.Army.] LuckyT_TQ Yazoko-LA [-Zen-*G-] -Son *Kratos FlyingDuck #Yeon
  6. [R]-Alpha(Finn)

    Special Event Free harmony change [Limited Offer] [EXPIRED]

    First, Best wish for you on your birthday, V. And now. Current name: Bl00Elf rename to [R]-Alpha Harmony set 1: 4 part Alviss - Promethus DDR 7 to SD Absord (Except Armor, Shield) Char name: N3os Harmony set 2: Cassiopiea Bow sd dec to sd ignore. and i love you. Thank you.
  7. [R]-Alpha(Finn)

    About SM!!!

    Which the best Uber set for SM? Why Anubis/Isis only have 70% winzard dmg :(. ========================================= im combine: Anubis + Hera + Alviss and have high op but im kill Hell and Euro him so slow. Max double dmg is 100% or unlimit and orther op ? Thank for read.