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  1. Naldo

    Finished Event [Big Event] Hunt the Mods

    Major Event - Hunt the MODS Hello Infinitian's! It's time for a major event ! You have a personal vendeta against a Forum Moderator or even against the Lead Forum Moderator? It's time to make them pay ! Slay them all and show superiority in game ! Description: The event consits of minor...
  2. Naldo

    Naldo's Events

    Naldo's Events! Hello everyone, I'll post all my PvP/Non-PvP events here Format: Event #: Server: Event type: Winner/s: Prize: Thank y'all! Naldo's IMES Scoreboard (Summer Edition 2020) Character namePoints MrPOTATO15 Harmodius.8 (-2) [XeRa]6 *Ron*5 xxSlash5 aL*JV!4 Gells*4 *(N)atoy*3...