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    International Wake Up

    Hello to all , after contact and talk with Resistant and have green light i will push this threat cause ,, everyone have rights to say a word and opinion'' We are living in hard times now , everyone remeber march and lockdown but this is past. After half of year peoples see more info and are...
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    zoom up map

    Hello i have small question , the question is : any fast 1 click button to zoom up sreen to see all map when pilot char ? im hunter of goldens etc .. and i lost patience by scrool yp char by mouse since i cant handle mouse : sometimes i scrool up sometimes i scrool down a screen by same move...
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    Somethink lmao in devias 1...

    I just 2-3 times try trade him but trade always failed when he walking and he keep going dont accept trade and continue ignore me in guild chat , just after few minutes i start to see he just afk and somehow his char keep going walking after my warp to dev 1 , just first time i see somethink...
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    My city few hours ago and yes im there cause me duty and pleasure :emotic1: , very special event celebrate 100 years of best club i loved and can do everythink. Movie record by 2 fly drones, special thanks for organizers thats event !!! Start watch this link...
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    Kronwell report

    Moderator report : Kronwell reason of report : abuse of power Hello , first of all i want to say that report is nothink personal since i respect Kronwell. So let me say im member of forum since 3 years yes ? And in my all forum activity i just keep going push yt links to the cs sometimes just...
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    Challenge to Nikki !

    Hello forum :1896_MildPanic: Sir Nikki i challange u to dance some psycho hardcore dance ! Last time u show us dance via starwars remix then now is time to hardcore!!!! : enjoy this link and reply ur movie when u ready i wish u good luck and strong shoes :Goofy:
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    New tag

    Hello Infinity, somebody push me to show small idea abaut tags then let me share . In my mind i create cool tag called ,, Honorary Warrior'' looks proudly huh ? Yes thats proud tag prepared only for players who never fail and got ban for hard broke rules : ( hacks,sell acc,scam attempt...
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    keyboard bug

    Hello there i need advice . I have sytuation when i just keep going fast combos and i push somehow button then i cant write anything in guild or ally chat and in post : cause when i push ,,@'' i have '' and when i push ,,/'' i have - so i cant talk with team in ally and in pt and thats mad...
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    Some ss from last cs

    Ok cause some peoples tell im only buffer in cs then let me show im active very well :nuhnuh: Last pk scores in left up screen before my down ^^ In reply fell free to show ur scores ;) Congrats too all for ur hard team work.
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    How to make combos after char dead

    Hello to all. Because some peoples are curious how i make combos after my char dead then let me show u guys ... In this threat i want to protect my self and show i dont use anythink bad . How its posible to make combos after dead ? Look here : Zoom in 2:29 I belive that will fix all...
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    Kolbus pk style

    Hello to all. Lemme show some videos , cause some peoples think im not fair player . Im active here araund 3 years and i dont see any reason to use somethink when keyboard + mouse is not so hard to use when u have fast fingers ... Im Kolbus ,and im NOT haxor if i lie i ask for perm ban , if not...
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    Question abaut sm ring and combos.

    Hello Same as a tittle of threat say i need to ask what kind of uber rings works by sm? I mean what uber rings will 100 % work with uber Alviss and uber Prometheus sm set ? Btw what are good combo skils for sm ? If u have any idea and advice abaut my question fell free to reply . Thx for help.
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    [Report] Nikki

    GM reportet: Nikki Reasons : abuse of power,unnecessarily threatening,use bad words ,uncooperative . First of all lets say it who are SENIOR GM ? I belive this a person with big experience in work with staff team and GM like this have a responsibilities : support + helpful and nice to...
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    Suggestion abaut update game rules and procedures

    1 .Update procedure bans insults and harasments: First off all lets say this : HARASMENT MUST BE STOP!!! then lets ban any forms of insults... Since right now some words are not baned and a lot of peoples abuse this way... I just dont want remind few reports fail cases with insults when ...
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    question abaut game and pc

    Hello i need ask question whats my pot rate ? good or not? and how i can speed up that pot rate second and most importand question is how game can enjoy 100 % power from pc ? i mean how game can work more fast and nu lags etc etc i mean how upgrade this ? how speed up pc work in game pot rate:
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    Bye Kolb ^^

    Hello Hello Today after update i have problems with client: then Nikki say reinstall game k then i do this, i download actuall game client from web: try open and see this : game client info >>> and this!!! XD : Somebody can help before...
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    Amun + ?

    Hello I have question to Amun users What's is best rings and pedant combination ? And what shield the best ? I just need all opt works perfect and have very good def and hp,no hp Bugs etc Just tell me what's items u use with Uber amun set. Already i have Uber browii and agnis rings +pen in my dl
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    Urban Climbing

    I just can watch and watch this ... i love this Warning : Plz dont try do it cause very very dangerous and is not a game u can fail only 1 time... this guys are Pro and born with talent 1:26 2:31 !!!! 4:31 !!! And something from my...
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    Photos from last CS :D

    Some photos from last CS :) Seems some guys from staff team love me :D Anyway who wrote this ? STILL KOLBUS, STILL 100 % CLEAR PLAYER ,STILL NICE, STILL LOVE U ALL [/IMG] [/IMG]
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    Voice Chat

    Hello I would like to suggest the voice chat . Why ? why not ? ... :) In other games voice chat is somethink normal . So lets try do it here also , for example press B button and u can talk with pt or guild members... I duno this posible here or not but i think idea is good .. :) Lets discuss it