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  1. VENCi

    Holiday Promo Happy Birthday Infinity!

    Happy Birthday Infinity! B-DAY PROMO Buy 1 Take 1 FREE Official rules of the promotion 1. Duration of Promotion Promotion will start on February 15, 2021 and will continue until February 28th, 2021. 2. Description of Bonuses 1. Bonuses can not be exchanged afterwards and cannot be...
  2. VENCi

    Banned Account UniveRage

    Ban time: 2 days. Ban reason: Insulting Proof:
  3. VENCi

    Winners Christmas Tree Contest 2020

    :: InfinityMU - Christmas Tree Contest Winners :: I've considered to have more than one winner per place because I appreciate their efforts for their beautiful Xmas Trees! 1st Place: Calypso- & Stevie2K Calypso-'s entry: click here Stevie2K's entry: click here Prize: worth of $20 USD in...
  4. VENCi

    Banned Account iangodiell

    Ban time: permanent Reason: Fraud donations (+asking for refund after his Guild Master got banned for cheats usage and cheats distribution) , possible sharing hack between guild members, possible selling of his account for real money due asking for FULL REFUND with no specific reason which...
  5. VENCi

    XmaS Specials Christmas Tree Contest 2020

    Hello there, dear Infinitians! Christmas is fast approaching soon and for this yearly celebration we have decided to make an event for this very special celebration. Since almost all of us all over the word celebrate this celebration and for sure every family has its own Christmas Tree in...
  6. VENCi

    XmaS Specials Devil Square Racing Hunt 2020 [Winners Announced]

    Devil Square Racing Hunt 2020 Devil Square Racing starts today at December 6, 2020 and will end at December 31, 00:01 /after midnight/ (GMT+4). Purpose is to hunt down and kill all the bad creatures in the Devil Squares for saving this Christmas peace in the MU Continent. Event Mechanics...
  7. VENCi

    XmaS Specials Golden Archer Helpers 2020 [Winners Announced]

    Golden Archer Helpers 2020 Collect Rena! Save the Christmas! Purpose is to collect Rena and give to Golden Archer. He will use the Rena to cover up the Christmas Magical Spirit at Continent of MU. Only the best MUtizens can survive and collect most quantity of Rena in MU. Rena drops by...
  8. VENCi

    Holiday Promo Christmas & New Year 2021 Promotions

    Christmas & New Year 2021 Promotions Ubers & Boosters Promo Buy 1 Take 1 FREE Official rules of the promotion 1. Duration of Promotion Promotion will start on December 6, 2020 and will continue until December 31. Uber promo will be extended with few more days -- Until January 10th...
  9. VENCi

    Banned Account alyosha19

    Ban reason: Voting with multiple accounts Ban time: permanent
  10. VENCi

    [Guide] Optimize Win7/10 for Gaming

    Hello infinitians, I've created simple but effective guide on how to optimize your Windows 7 for gaming, easy and fast: 1. Stop unnecessary services Start > write "run" > write "msconfig" > Go to Services and then disable following services: adobe Flash Player update Service application...
  11. VENCi

    Banned Account japut123

    Banned account: japut123 Char involved: Bruv Ban time: permanent Ban reason: speedhack Proof:
  12. VENCi

    Banned Account johnboboy2 , Florrivera, kriistap & almaktoum

    Banned accounts: johnboboy2 , Florrivera , kriistap & almaktoum Chars involved: >Nairobi , Annalise, Busya & >Tokyo Ban time: permanent Ban reason: speedhack Proofs: @ 1:18 Annalise using obvious speedhack giving fast kill to full buffed player: @ 1:49 - fast killing...
  13. VENCi

    Banned Acc of Char ReggieT & neverlies1

    Involved chars: MrPOTATO, SlPAPANG & BOYCUTE Ban time: 1 month Ban reason: Combo master achievements abuse with purpose to earn gold credits *All users who have abused the bug got their gold credits balance negative (-100 000 and some of them -200 000). * Only 2 accounts are banned because...
  14. VENCi

    Banned Account m4v3ls

    Banned game account: m4v3ls Char involved: Imogen Ban reason: Asking the administration for favors then talking in a inappropriate way and then insulting the administration. Ban time: 14 days Old bans...
  15. VENCi

    [Banned from Event] *(KoNa)*, angelito20 & Fangdarius

    *(KoNa)*, angelito20 & Fangdarius will be disqualified from Battle Event of March, April & May for ruining other player's fun, and if they are caught playing battle event again and get reported, their chars will be banned for 1 week as warning and second time the ban will be until next battle...
  16. VENCi

    Banned Account akatsuki23

    Ban reason: fraud donations Ban time: permanent Next time contact us if you want refund. Do not create disputes in PayPal. If you want your account unbanned close all disputes in paypal and you will get refund instantly.
  17. VENCi

    [Winners] Paint Event

    :: InfinityMU - Paint Paint Paint Event Winners :: We have winners! :all: I've considered to have double winners because I appreciate their efforts for their beautiful fanart! 1st Place: Djinny Winner's entry: click here for SS. Prize: worth of 100$ in items from webshop. 2nd Place...
  18. VENCi

    [PROMO] Happy Birthday Infinity!

    Happy Birthday Infinity! Thank you for relying on us to stay entertained! Thank you for your support, for the thousands of votes you have sent to our Top Lucky Voters Event & Vote Reward System! Thank you for helping to many newbies! B-DAY PROMO Buy 1 Take 1 free Official rules of the...
  19. VENCi

    [Event] Valentines for everyone

    Hello friends, Happy Valentines and InfinityMU Day! Our lovely server celebrates 13 years today on 14 February (Valentine's Day - The Lovers Holiday). Regarding the InfinityMU 13th Anniversary and Valentines Day we are happy to present you valentine reward. About 470~ players will be...
  20. VENCi

    [Event] Paint Paint Paint

    Here at InfinityMU we have awesome talents, big hearted guys and gals with special skills in many occasions. We believe that we have the best community in the world! The best team behind the server, right here serves the community every day in many aspects! Today InfinityMU Celebrates 13 years...