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  1. Vin.

    Recording at Castle Siege Event.

    I'll agree on this idea, to be add: 1 GM is required to help superstell in recording because it's their duty to do it not only on both switches but also in crown since stell was focusing only on (Ayasib Alliance) because of his personal issues. And lastly, Sealers should required to record...
  2. Vin.

    How do you increase the font size in game?

    use higher resolution than 800x600
  3. Vin.

    -Caykes vs. Vin.

    Hello there, wait for me until my ban time expires, then we'll talk about it again. I'd love to fight ya with s3 sets only with 2swords ofc since I don't have atlas, (No Ibuff and Achie) PS: I didn't know that you have the power of tracing players. Kudos for that <3
  4. Vin.

    Happy International Women's Day!

    Happy International women's day to all !
  5. Vin.

    Game Suggestion Minimum requirement of SOL's for CS Registration

    It's very impossible for this to happen because there are only a few players playing on the server right now, meaning only a few guilds will register, and cannot reach the minimum alliances. Maybe if some oldies will play again just like before, (2010-2017) so the registered alliances will...
  6. Vin.

    Ano ang maganda Noon or Ngyon? Free Comment Evaluation

    Ito ung na miss ko boss, sarap ibalik ung dati, sa dev gate din ung pvp, sayang mga kids na mga bagong players ngayon, kunting trashtalk lng iyak agad, sumbong kay tulfo hahahaha, parang d gamers, weak ng feelings, sensitive masyado hahahaha kala mo talaga pag mamanahan ng kayamanan sa sobrang...
  7. Vin.

    Ano ang maganda Noon or Ngyon? Free Comment Evaluation

    Mas maganda dati boss kasi pag sinabihan ka ng bobo, babawi ka, ngayon pag sinabihan ka ng bobo, matic nasa banlist kna, nahawa sa bagong systema ngayon, gaya ng sa deped, pag pinalo ka ng teacher mo, matic tanggal lisensya na, matic nasa tulfo kna. Pansin ko mga iyakin na mga players ngayon, d...
  8. Vin.

    Still cant log in

    this is the error i've encountered a week ago, try to add infinitymu folder to your antivirus exceptions.
  9. Vin.

    Denied Appeal [Insomniak] IGN: Vin. - False/Misunderstanding Banning

    IGN: Vin. GM: Insomniak Ban Reason: Macro Usage [First time] Proof: Hello everyone! First of all, I wanna say that I'm the most handsome on earth. I don't get it why i got banned for macro usage without any single fail word? If you guys rely...
  10. Vin.

    Recruiting Corrupts

    HELLO EVERYONE We are looking for Friendly and Active players for CS/PVP Requirements: Must be active on Castle Siege (CS) Friendly Know how to respect others (Corrupts) Guild Master: Vin. Assistant Guild Master: -Madara. Battle Master: -Toxic. Battle Master: Battle Master: (Alliance)...
  11. Vin.


    anyone can help me this fkin error? thank you
  12. Vin.


    can someone help me about this error? i can't play infinity
  13. Vin.


    hello mates, what is the use of draconites?
  14. Vin.

    Friendly duel, Vin. vs -Black

    just for fun :)
  15. Vin.

    imFraWor Rules

    FRIENDLY DUEL WITH EL KoNaTaxD AKA Gerson Just for FUN :)
  16. Vin.

    A.K.A Homer/!-[ZERO]-!/ vs Vin.

    don't talk too much piggy bank Spread Love, not war :) #NOHATE here's our duel: Reason's everywhere wakakaka :P
  17. Vin.

    Ban Appeal [Davido] IGN: Heiro - False/Misunderstanding Banning

    IGN: Heiro GM: Davido Ban Reason: Speed Hack Proof: Hello Everyone! First of all, I wanna say that I'm the most handsome on earth. In my case, I am not using the phenomenon things. If you can see the video, its obviously...
  18. Vin.

    Private Challenge Mr.GomZ

    hi there, I'd like to challenge you for a duel. Here's my rules: - No buffs, just own buff (swell) - No hacks - No bugs - No pet - No pilot - No shield - No warp every second - No only TS!!!!!! - You will record yourself (whole duel, I want to see your full video desktop and task manager, of...
  19. Vin.

    Private Challenge Crocodile! vs Hachiro

    I'd like to challenge you for a little duel DL VS DL:). Rules : -no buff's, Just Own Buffs -no hack's -no Cheat -no bug's -no pet -no pilot + if its okay GM's will trace ours ip -no warp every sec -you will record yourself ( whole duel, i want to see your full video desktop and task Manager )...
  20. Vin.

    Unable to vote

    hi good day! why we cant vote for mr infinity 2015????? [/IMG]