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  1. OutlawSD

    OutlawSD & Doraemon

    Seller Offer: 25$ Seller IGN: OutlawSD PS: Happy Birthday Buyer Offer: Respect, Patience and Attention Buyer IGN -DORAEMON- Proof: ID: 72J747727K****** Waiting for -DORAEMON- to accept this BTA ( Do not comment, you make me sad) Thankyou Sir @RESiSTANT for...
  2. OutlawSD

    -Grandpa. and SenzatieMG

    I accept this BTA Proof: Thankyou @RESiSTANT for assistance us
  3. OutlawSD

    Avann combo skill

    Ful SD, GG
  4. OutlawSD

    Buy 25$VD ([Majo])

  5. OutlawSD

    Buy 25$VD ([Majo])

    Make the bta, 120 draco+rows
  6. OutlawSD

    Sell 25$VD (OutlawSD)

    i will pick the best offer, thank you.
  7. OutlawSD

    Buy T2 uber draco (SonK)

    60 winds Edit: pm me if you need.
  8. OutlawSD

    Sold Uber T1 Draco BK (-Feint)

    90 Rows
  9. OutlawSD

    Sold Uber T2 Draco Sm (OutlawSD)

    S>POseidon Vegeance = 375 Rows or 25$+pair kantata Make the BTA If Deal (OutlawSD)
  10. OutlawSD

    SilentMoon & Senzatie6

    I accept this Bta. Vaul: 2,3,4 Thankyou @VENCi for assistant <3
  11. OutlawSD

    Senzatie6 Achichi

    seller offer: t2 draco mg moloch sacrifice seller ign: SenzatieMG buyer offer: 380 rows buyer ign: Achichi Moloc Set Clic Please put rows in vault 1,2,3,4 Waiting for achichi to accept this BTA Thanks @VENCi to assisting this trade
  12. OutlawSD

    Problem with client

    Cryssix, you need to reinstal windows, this liveguard detected corupted fail in your pc. When I got here on the server I had the same problem, it can't be solved otherwise. You need to keep your computer clean.