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    Bug with map Valley of Loren

    I cant enter that map,every time when I was trying to warp there game client exit without message I tried many ways to solve this but that still dont work....maybe someone got same problem or can tell me any solution to solve that bug,all other maps works good
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    Aragos's events (Demoted)

    Welcome to Aragos's Event Logs Here i will post my events in this thread. With the following format: Event Type: Server: Prize: Winners: Hope u will enjoy my events :) Aragos's Scoreboard Character namePoints RMMN210 (-1) Hyousuke5 (-1) Parania5 #Pi3 VAMPlRE3 eXxXxXe2 OutlawBand2...
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    main cpu usage

    Are there any other solution to reduce that cpu usage? after fix its lower than before but still my game ****s because its about 40-60 %..aby ideas what can help? or I need to trash my pc? ps: before liveguard that was 10-20%
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    Tartarus scepter

    Does anyone drop scepter from kunduns? I tried hunt for that and killed many kunduns but I got only ring
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    Ban Appeal #Arag [CH03] False/Misunderstood Banning

    Account:tyrek333 Character:#Arag GM:Kostas Reason:Hack Usage Ban Duration:Permanent Link: First of all I want to ask what is this hack usage.. what do you mean by this? Can you prove me what...
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    About increase of potion rate

    What do you think about that in serwer 3? Last time we have few updates with new options of uber sets,most of them got double damage and decrease defense rating.Damage is much higher than before and there are many lucky kills in pvp depend on lags and double damage.I know that potion cool down...
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    hi,is there any way to minimze mu and attack same time? i know its dx button but window must be active...when i minimize its stop attacking.Is there any legal way to minimize and attack?
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    I cant connect ! Server is offline?

    i cant connect to the game,connect button didnt appear, i also cant open the site...anyone knows what is going on?
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    Private Challenge *Gokhan*

    >Sub3 >No buffs (Swell Only) >No warping >No Pet/Imp >No Shield >DC 3x = Loss >DC for 5 minutes = Loss >No Hacks >No Bug >No Pilot >No Cry >Race to 5 wins >Bet 1 acc wind
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    program to make video

    i want to know whats the best program to make videos,i mean which is freeware and easy to use..
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    host changed again?

    wtf is going on here? host back to EU and now is again in USA why?
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    NeverBorn vs Abesta