Hello Infinitians!

I would like to talk about the Pros and Cons of each classes ingame. The pros and cons are the advantages and disadvantages, which you consider carefully so that you can make a sensible decision before making a character. so mostly this is good for the beginners/newbie's who cant decide what classes are they going to go for. I hope this help.

Blade Knight

Pros: The Greatest Pvp/PK Class ingame, Because of its combo. Tanky because of its Greater Fortitude(swell) that increases your Health Points in great amount. that help's it to become greatest in pk/pvp. Best in sealing on Castle Siege. Because of its Cyclone(Skill) that can negate Stamp's from DarkLords.

Cons: Require's a fast finger's for Combo's

Dark Lord

Pros: Most balance Class with High Damage output(Because of its Critical Damage) and High Defense (Because of its Dark Horse. that absorbs damage 40%) ingame, Best in defending Crown in Castle Siege because of its STAMP(Dark Horse Skill). Best fit as a GuildMaster because it has 80 max member's in guild. But you can use any class to be Guildmaster its your choice.

Cons: Low Health Points. Easily killed without DarkHorse

Souls Master

Pros: Most high defense class character ingame. Because of its Soul Barrier which absorbs a certain amount of damage depends on character's energy. Great support in PK's and Castle Siege providing Soul Barrier to Party. Known as the best switcher ingame before the Teleport has been nerfed to 4 seconds cooldown.

Cons: Low Damage Output. Hard to get kill's in Pvp/Pk without Full Uber Sets.

Muse Elf

Pros: The only girl ingame. Most important Class in Party provide's good high damage and defense buff that makes difference in PK's and PVP's. This class can be very Fierce and Dangerous. It can Deal high damage output and kill everyone in her way, When equipped with Full Uber Set's so becareful dont small this character.

Cons: Easily die in reflect's due to its High Damage output, Low Health Points, Easily get killed without Buff's

Magic Gladiator

Pros: The most awesome Class ingame. its so cool he doesnt need helm. Haha Joke aside. This Class is the fastest when it comes to leveling and getting reset. Because of its low level required in WARP plus his skill Power slash. Can deal high damage output when has Full Uber Set's.

Cons: Low Health Points, Easily get killed in Pvp/PK Due to Low Defense.

I hope this give's you an idea in which Class you want to choose. mostly if your a new/beginner to the game. If i miss some info's or stated wrong info pls PM me. so i can correct the guide. Advance Thank you.