Hello Dear Players and Staffs ! I'm going to share you a guide in regards to this message error which I have encounter few weeks ago and I have found a quick solution for it. I would like to share this to everyone so others will be able to know or notify if they will experience this message in the future. This message happens when you use pingzapper to launch the game, well most of the players here i think use this app to connect in the game.

Here are the steps that you need to follow :
1. Set your pingzapper with kind of set up

2. After you are finish with the set up right-click the tunnel you have create then launch

3. After you launch it, this message error will appear right after "message.wtf"

4. Then when you click the "OK" button will get dispatch into this message, just close it including the game launcher

5. Here is the solution for this. Go to InfinityMU Folder > locate mu.exe > right-click then Run as administrator, you will able to enter the game successfully with this method
You can also send the mu.exe to your desktop and use it a your launcher every time you enter the game

This is how i fix this message error. I'm hoping this guide will help some players in the future.
If you have further questions about the guide, you can send a message to me directly via PM

Best regards,