Infinity MU Event Series

Spring Edition 2019

Hello Infinitians,
I am glad to present you another edition of our favourite IMES Event !

Event starts from now, 1st of March 2019, and will be finished on 31st of May 2019.

Mechanics, Rules and Guidelines for our IMES XIX:

Spoiler for Info:

• 1. All Infinitians who participate in every Game Master/Event Masters events will receive points every time they win.
All winners will be listed on a scoreboard which will be updated from time to time.

• 2. Score System added so each player can see his points. The Score System of each player depends on what kind of event the Game Masters/Event Masters do (difficulty matters).
If the event is harder, the score will also be higher (Like for PvP). Highest Point that Event winners can get from me is 3 and the lowest is 1. Highest points that EM/GM can give is 2 for PVP events and 1 for Non PVP events.
Scores will be added to each character on the scoreboards.

• 3. Players will also receive 1 (Non-PvP) or 2 (PvP) IMES points each every time they win on Event Masters, Game Masters, Head Game Master or Administrator events.
This is for everyone to still gain points even if I am not online. If we have 2 or more GMs/EMs hosting an event together, they can award up to 3 IMES points.

• 4. All HGM/GMs/EMs will have their own Scoreboard which will be updated only by them and every time they host events.

• 5. Gathering points will start from 1st of March, which is also when GMs/EMs will start adding IMES points.

• 6. Players can also gain IMES points by winning our weekly Castle Siege Event in which different alliances in InfinityMU server participate.

• 7. IMES Reaper function will deduce (-1) point of the selected player on all Adm/GM/EM scoreboard. Read below for more information.

• 8. Players can't use more than 1 character and 1 account. Which means, if you won on a different character on an event even if it is yours, you can't add up points of 2 characters or more.

• 9. If you rename the character, with which you participate in IMES, it's your obligation to forward the new name to Stan or RESiSTANT.
This function can be used ONLY if you have renamed the same character, with which you already have won points.

• 10. Banned Characters/Accounts (permanent bans) will be automatically removed and disqualified from the event.

• 11. Submission of SS for CS Siege Winners : Fake/edited SS and also SS not taken right after CS time will not be accepted and can lead to getting your points deducted.

• 12. In order to make the competition more interesting and fair, you can maximum win 3 IMES per GM/EM events per day.
This means, if 2 GM/EMs host events in one day, you can maximum get 3 points in each one's events (6 in total in this example), even if you win more than 3.

• 13. In order to be fair HGMs, GMs and EMs cannot participate or win.

Castle Siege Warfare - IMES Bonus

Spoiler for Info:
If your Alliance won the Castle Siege for the week, send private message to Stan in forums with your screenshot using your character while participating in the Castle Siege (Inside the Throne Room). Screen Shot must show the date of the Castle Siege and your character must be on that winning alliance, and if your Screen Shot and character is valid you will receive additional 3 IMES points. This can be applied to all the members of the winning alliance. Old Screen Shots will not be accepted. Submission of fake SS will lead to deduction of IMES points from our Scoreboard. (I will only accept Screen Shots on Sunday/Monday)

IMES Special Booster

Spoiler for info:

-This will given out on the #1 ranked player, who is on every Staff member's list. (a bonus of +10 points on their final score)

IMES Hack Hunter

Spoiler for Info:

For every approved hack report you will receive +5 IMES points on each GM's IMES Scoreboard (each GM that bans will update his scoreboard).
IMES reward from Hack Reports can be transferred between characters in same account only!

IMES Reaper

Spoiler for info:

This Reaper feature can be won at the weekly Castle Siege Event or in a Forum Big Event. If a player has an IMES Reaper, he has the power to deduct points from other IMES participants. For example, you send me a Screenshot from Castle Siege, while being on the winning alliance and you tell me 1 player from which you wish to remove points. That player will get -1 IMES point from each scoreboard.

(IMES Reaper user request must be done via PM to Stan here in forums)

Forum Events IMES

Spoiler for Info:

All forum events hosted by the staff team will be rewarded with IMES Points depending on the final position occupied in each monthly / special forum event.
One separate scoreboard will be kept to count the points for the forum event winners and they will also be rewarded with goodies at the end of the IMES Season.
All forum Events will have a maximum of 10 IMES Points rewarded and they will be updated accordingly when they are announced.
Important Note: All Forum IMES Points are also added at the final IMES score calculations.

Calculations of the final results
Spoiler for Info:

Once the event date over the points from every scoreboard will be summed (all points will be calculated, not only the TOP 20 of each scoreboard).
The reapers will be substracted from the final scores and IMES Special Boosters will be added. This will determine the IMES 20 Winners.

Note: In case if there are users with same amount of points they will be sorted in alphabetical order

Winners Prizes IMES Season

Spoiler for Info:

1st Place with the Highest IMES points:

Uber Set Full Option+13 by winner choice
Tier 2 Uber Sets will be available only if you win IMES twice in a row
IMES Winner tag

2nd in points ranking: 1 Uber Weapon by choice + accessory

3rd in points ranking: 1 Uber accessory + 40.000 Gold Credits

4th in points ranking: 35.000 Gold Credits

5th to 10th in points ranking: 25.000 Gold Credits

11th to 20th place in points ranking: 10.000 Gold Credits

Winners Prizes Forum IMES

Spoiler for Info:

Forum IMES Winner - Any Uber Weapon + Accessory Included as prize(Tier 2 Uber Weapon will be available on the second consecutive win).

2nd place - 2 Uber Accessory by choice + 20.000 Gold Credits

3rd place - 1 Uber Accessory + 20.000 Gold Credits

4th & 5th place - 20.000 Gold Credits

6th to 10th place - 10.000 Gold Credits

11th to 20th place - 5.000 Gold Credits

Please make sure to participate all the time at HGM/GMs/EMs events in order to win points and get the special prizes from this event. Also, don't forget to vote for our server every 12 hours.

The event will be officially closed on 31 of May 2019.

Good luck to everyone and I hope you continue supporting our server at rankings. I wish you to enjoy and have fun by participating in our events.

Live IMES Ranking, where you can check your current points at all time:

Thank You,
The InfinityMU Staff Team

Spoiler for Previous IMES Winners:
IMES I - Graf
IMES II - Moorse
IMES III - .[V]ape.
IMES IV - -[L]axus.
IMES V - FerocitY
IMES VI - AsungoT
IMES VII - Jharihanna
IMES VIII - Taghieff
IMES IX - Anar
IMES X - Havost
IMES XI - -[L]ogia
IMES XIII - -Fantasy*
IMES XIV - Chresleeng
IMES XV - Charmer
IMES XVII - Kenji!
IMES XVIII - CircleStar
IMES XIX - Hyousuke
IMES XX - _cris09_
IMES XI - _chris09_

Special thanks to Lelouch and Scarlette who made the banners for the event.