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Ancient Set Combinations

Blade Master
Warrior + Obscure
Hyperion + Mist
Eplete + Berserker
Garuda + Cloud
Kantata + Rave
Hyon + Vicious
Maahes + Sekhmet
Bragi + Baldri
Kronos + Saturn
Atlas Combinations

High Elf
Ceto + Drak
Gaia + Peize
Odin + Elvian
Argo + Karis
Gywen + Ahruan
Freya + Kantata Pair
Serket Combinations
Hathor Combinations

Grand Master
Apollo + Banek
Evis + Sylion
Hera + Myne
Anubis + Isis
Anubis + Isis + Alviss
Alviss + Prometheus
Horus Combinations

Duel Master
Gaion + Myuren
Apis Combinations
Tyr Combinations
Virtus Combinations

Dark Lord
Nyx + Khons
Agnis + Browii
Surtr Combinations
Amun Combinations

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