Macros were allowed because around 90% of the pvpers ingame were using macro software of their gaming mouses and some undetected apps. We were able to block several programs and also we were banning tiny percentage of those who failed in chat. It's useless to ban ap/ac users because always some players are going to use ap/ac and cannot be detected due to some programs. Especially gaming mouses are almost impossible to fail in chat and they are unable to be blocked. Also, they shouldn't be blocked, because gaming mouses are part of gamers life. Every gamer is using razer, logitech and a4tech equipment. How do you suggest to detect and blame someone who is using macro or someone who is having really good skills with hands? We must ban everyone who does good combo & potting ingame and then he must create ban appeal with video recording of his hands? I think that's not good idea at all.

Have in mind that some apps cannot be always blocked for one or another reasons. Macro behavior is easy to produce with little knowledge in coding and new private programs can be compiled by gamers or their IT mate and the new program automatically becomes undetectable. Blocking razer products is easy for me. The thing is that we will block some users and some won't be detected at all and I can't find where the fairness in this is!?
I'm waiting for better ideas!