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Thread: [Guide] On how to play Blood Castle

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    Icon4 [Guide] On how to play Blood Castle

    Hi folks!, here I am today as to share a guide on how to play this nice event. I've seen some beginners lacking of that knowledge, so hopefully this will help them out (-:

    Some frequent questions.

    Q: What is the Blood Castle event?
    A: In short, it's an event where you shall show and prove your skills into hunting special jewels.

    Q: What about the prizes of the Blood Castle event?
    A: Pretty good, You may get plenty of special jewels, such as: Jewel of Excellent, Jewel of Ancient, Jewel of Extraction, Jewel of Ancient Harmony and etc.

    Once the Blood Castle is announced in the middle of your screen you will have upto 5 mins to get in. These are the steps you will need to follow in order to successfully play it.

    You may purchase it at devias's amy the potion girl, coords: 210/54
    or Lorencia's bar at its barmaid, coords: 123/133

    Level of Blood Castle Level Restrictions (-20 LVL for MG and DL)
    Cloak of Invisibility +1 15 - 80
    Cloak of Invisibility +2 81 - 130
    Cloak of Invisibility +3 131 - 180
    Cloak of Invisibility +4 181 - 230
    Cloak of Invisibility +5 231 - 280
    Cloak of Invisibility +6 281 - 330
    Cloak of Invisibility +7 331 - 400 (thanks to Yeezus for this useful info provided HERE!)

    Great! you've got your CLOACK OF INVISIBILITY, so what's now. Easy, keep on reading:

    -In my case, I'm gonna have to get in the highest Blood Castle level, because of my own level 400-

    How to get warped into the Castle?, easy, just get to the devias church's Messenger of Archangel. Coords: 208/29 (You may find the Messenger of Archangel at Lorencia as well. 141/138)

    Click on the NPC, and this panel should be displayed out

    Wonderful, you are in.

    Once the countdown starts from 30 seconds to 0 seconds, you'd better be ready!

    Go straight through the bridge!

    Reach the gates and knock them down!

    Amazing!, you've stepped into the next stage.

    Within this level, you just need to kill the required monster, in order to unlock the statue, it will be depending on the quantity of players into the Blood Castle.


    Now you just break the statue and it will drop a random item of Archangel, pick it up:

    And bring it back to the wounded Archangel


    I got a Jewel Of Ancient

    I'm gonna give you all one last tip, make a party team, so that you'll chances to get a prize will significantly increase. Since doesn't matter who takes the random item of Archangel as long as you are in the party along with the winner player.

    To add, I would like to share and quote this useful VIDEO GUIDE ON HOW TO PLAY CHAOS CASTLE EVENT, brought to us by Akusuru

    I hope this will be helpful to the people who's just starting!

    Sincelery yours,
    BraveHeart aka Bruno
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