How to take screenshot and Crop it properly by using Paint

1. Press PrintScreen button to take screenshot of your screen (PrtSrc)

2. Open program : Paint

3. Press Ctrl+v your screenshot will apply on the Paint

4. Click on "Select" then choose the area by holding left-click on your mouse then right-click inside the area and choose "Crop"

The image will croped and you can save it to your PC/Laptop.

5. For the 2nd screenshot, you may take some time to search for our server rank, just simply use Search (Ctrl+f) and input : infinitymu
Take screenshot like before and crop it at Paint.

Don't forget to save the finish image.

6. Upload both images on (I choose this because this easiest way to upload multiple images and it have direct bb code for forum)
(Guide for uploading screenshot/image on IMGUR : Click).

Happy uploading~! :)