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    Default [Forum Event] Arcade Champion (closed until further notice)

    Hello, Infinitians!

    We have had this event for some time now, but apparently not a lot of you had knowledge about it and overall it has been in the shadows, so I am here to bring it to light and explain everything so everyone knows and can compete against each other.

    So, what is Arcade Champion about?
    You can access this place via this link or you can navigate to the top bar of forum and click on button that says "Arcade".
    There, you will find 10 arcade games that you can play and get trophies in. This is where the fun begins. By being the best of the best, you can actually net some sweet prizes.

    To win, all you have to do is collect the most amount of trophies and high scores and must also bare in mind, that there will be only 1 winner each month, so only the best of the best will be rewarded. You will have time to compete during whole month, meaning, that starting from first to the last day of the month. When the last day of the month is over, results are collected, winner is announced and all scores are reset for a new race. Sometimes the timing might not be exact, results can be collected 1 day earlier, 1 day later, but everything is fair towards everybody, because everyone will have the same amount of time to battle others.

    Prizes are as follows:
    By being best in the month, your prize will be 10 Forum Imes and 10.000 Gold Credits and Arcade Champion forum Tag (), which will be placed only on the current month's champion;
    By being best consecutively, your prize will increase, being +5 Forum Imes and +10.000 Gold Credits to original prize for each consecutive win, which caps at 25 Forum Imes and 40.000 Gold Credits for 4+ consecutive wins, after which, prize no longer increases.

    Yearly prizes:
    By being best of the best during the whole year, meaning, that across all the winners during time from January to December, you have collected the most amount of wins, you will be able to claim something worth 25$ from webshop and the tag Arcade Champion will be placed on your profile permanently if you choose to have it;
    By having second place during the whole year, your prize will be Tier 1 weapon and it's accessory;
    By being in the third place, your reward will be 1 Uber accessory.

    These are additional rewards to your already received Gold Credits, so rewards are pretty charming, I'd say.

    All the winners of year 2020 will be announced in THIS thread. To claim your Forum Imes and Gold Credit rewards, as well as yearly rewards, please PM Lead Moderator, subject must be "Arcade Winner for the month of (insert month here)" and in message simply write your in game name that you use for forum events together with a link to the post where you have been announced as the winner for that month. If you will not send a PM, rewards will not be added.

    If you have any questions, you are free to PM Lead Moderator, but make sure, that you have fully read all the rules and mechanics before doing so.

    Good luck and may the force be with you!

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