Hello friends,

Recently our server was updated with new items from Season 4 and Season 6 version. I'm writing this guide to inform you what items exactly we have added and some additional information which you might find useful within your stay in our server.

  • 6 New Weapons
  • 5 New Shields
  • 8 New Sets

New Weapons:

Blade Knight / Magic Gladiator

Sword Breaker

Imperial Sword

Magic Gladiator

Deadly Staff

Soul Master

Imperial Staff

Muse Elf (no new bows/crossbows for elf atm)

Frost Mace

Dark Lord

Absolute Scepter

New Shields:

Soul Master

Guardian Shield

Blade Knight / Dark Lord

Crimson Glory Shield

Muse Elf / Soul Master

Frost Barrier Shield

Magic Gladiator / Blade Knight

Salamander Shield

Dark Lord

Cross Shield

New Sets:

Soul Master

Hades Set

Blade Knight

Titan Set
Brave Set

Muse Elf

Faith Set
Seraphim Set

Magic Gladiator

Destroyer Set
Phantom Set

Dark Lord

Phaewang Set

Where to find the new items?

All new items is for sell at NPCs in-game (+13 +Luck +28/35) at Lorencia and Devias.
Items drop by all high level monsters.
All new weapons, shields and sets also drop by Erohim (Land of Trials / Erohim respawns every 20 minutes) and Illusion Kundun (Kalima 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 / Kundun respawns every 20 minutes). Soon Maya and NightMare (Kantru Event) will drop some of the shields and weapons.
If server increase it's players and votes at xtremetop100 we might enable the weapons to drop up to 3 exc options from Erohim.

Reminder: In order to view all new items you must download new client from website and install it.

Have fun and enjoy InfinityMU!