Mana bug is a global bug in MuOnline servers, and the staff know about it, so you don't need to report it.

Mana bug can appear with Dark Wizard/Soul Master/Grand Master and Magic Gladiator/Duel Master. If I calculated right (I used these formulas) if your character doesn't wear any mana influential item, mana will be rolled over so bugged if you have more energy than:

  • 32 369 with SM
  • 32 579 with MG

Here is a little list about the mana influential items:

  • Set items with Increase Max. Mana +4% option
  • Shields with Increase Max. Mana +4% option (here in Insania there are some shields which are bugged, so they don't increase your mana)
  • Rings with Increase Max. Mana +4% option
  • Wings of Vortex and Wings of Violent Wind (+115 mana as I experienced)
  • Golden Fenrir (+200 mana)
  • Ring of Magic+option (from +1% to +7% mana)

So to avoid this bug, follow the game's advice, and don't add more energy than 32 000.

  • Anyways if you add more energy than 32 000, you just use any mana influential item (the list is above)

Thanks, hopefully this guide will be helpful.

Credits for this guide goes to
Kane (Lead Mod @ Insania)