Event Master Recruitment - Applications Thread


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May 18th , 2021


• Name: Bae Miyeon.

• IGN: -Miyeon- , -Ahri-.

• Guild: Miracles.

• Age: 23.

• Gender: Female.

• Country + Timezone: Vietnam (i am a student abroad :) ), GMT + 7.

•Languages: English 8/10, Korean 10/10 and a little Vietnamese.

•Experience on InfinityMU: I started playing InfinityMU 4 months ago. I was impressed by the community, events and iMU's staffs. I met and made friend with many players. I spend my free time to join events and help newbies / others whenever i see someone needs help.

• Availability during a regular week: I'm working 8 hours / day in human resources department, so i can spend 3 hours during the weekdays and about 6 hours on the weekends.

• What are your biggest weaknesses? I often think too much, and sometime i'm not decisive.

• What are your biggest strengths? I'm trustful, loyal, responsible and friendly.

• Why should we hire you? Because i am familiar with events, also i know team working. I already had fun by joining events, and now i would like to bring it to others (include me 😄). I promise i will do my best if i am hired.

Thanks you for reading my application.


April 1st , 2019


•ING: PRIMExTWO , -(B)ueno.
•Guild: Wildboys •Assistant Guild Master
• Date of Birth :FEB/09/1992
•Age: 29
•Gender: Male
•Country + Timezone: Im from Cavite, Philippinnes, with GMT+8
•Discord ID: khierthc#8381
•Skype ID: live:c8f899cab665ae9d
• Languages : English [7/10] , Tagalog [10/10] , Bisaya[10/10], waray{10/10}

•Experience on InfinityMU:
i play imu in 2011 10 years I have done mistakes throughout my journey here in imu
but I am willing to learn everyday imu is mylife I help newbie and have friends in game.
I have been in many guild and I am fun to be with I have friends in game

• Availability during a regular week:
Since im a buy and sell ,
Im free everyday. im onlne 24/7

• What are your biggest weaknesses?
my weakness is also my strength because I am a
hardworking person with the right motivation especially here in imu doing what I love the most in my life

•What are your biggest strengths?
my strength is I am a very
hardworking and willing to learn and correct my past mistakes with the right instructions and guiding from the other staff team

• Why should we hire you?
I consider imu to be part of my life in 10 years and I have been harshfully rejected several times. All I want is a chance to show what I can contribute to the server. I am willing to do my duties faithfully with all my heart and I am willing to do my best to learn and re- learn the way my superior wants me to do in this job. I am respectfully asking for 1 chance to prove myself to all the person that is constantly judging me.
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December 5th , 2018
i don't know


-Name: Stelios.
-IGN: BkStelios (BK), Stelios96 (SM), Criminal* (DL), ElfStelios (ELF)
-Age: 26
-Gender: Male
-Country: + Timezone: Germany, GMT +1
-Discord: akaliptos #7042
-Languages: Greek (10/10), German (8/10), English (7/10)
-BAN: 1st Macro Usage, https://forum.infinitymu.net/threads/bkstelios.120716/
2nd Macro Usage,https://forum.infinitymu.net/threads/combra2.120801/

-Experience on InfinityMU:
2014 I started playing and since then I am also part of this community. I've been very active at the most time of those years and therby I have managed to gain a lot better level in my combo. During the previous year I've been trying some sets (test) to find some bugs in order to help optimise the game perfomance. Besides playing I also like to be in any way handful to friends of mine and also to other players that I get he chance to learn.

-Availability during a regular week:
Currently available on saturday and week days (6pm-11pm). On sundays i'm more flexibel

-What are your biggest weaknesses?
I have made mistakes. I was tempted to cheat in order to perform better. I have learned from my mistake and I do not intend to do this again. My weakness is that I'm impulsive and sometimes when i get to think about it later i realize my acts.

-What are your biggest strengths?
I'm very open and eager to help. I'm easily approachable and team player spirit. I like to share the knowledge i gained through the years to help other people.

-Why should we hire you?
I am commited to the game and the community of iMU since 8 years. I keep myself motivated at all time and give my best. I appreciate the good job that has been done regarding the Events until now and i wish to be an equivalent continue to this.

For any questions feel free to ask me.
Thank you for your time.