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February 13th , 2019
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∞ Gameplay check ∞

Required Recording for the Gameplay check:
When a Game Master asking you to make a video record of your gameplay (not required to be livestream) , You must have to do it on the given timeline by the requesting Game Master.

Video Recording Mechanics:
  • Must record in Full desktop Screen.
  • A running real-time digital clock must be running on your screen at the start of your video record timestamp 0:01 - till the end.
    clock link:
  • Record your hands with Webcam/ Smartphone Camera,
  • Your Camera must be running with your hands at the start of the video 0:01, Turn off your camera, ONLY when you are typing with your password and turn ON the camera again when selecting a character till the end.
  • Larger Game Client Screen Resolution, Minimum of 1280 x 720.
  • The video has minimum of 720p quality and must be good enough so everything will be visible.
  • Start recording before opening the launcher/ game client, turn off your camera while typing the password, and Turn ON again when selecting character.
  • Show your Task manger (Details Tab) with all the running processes/applications by scrolling up and down.
  • If you have a Gaming mouse/Keyboard open the program (incase you have it installed) and show you have no macros activated on any of the keys including other profiles.
    -You must show your whole keyboard buttons to the camera (in order show you don't have any extra buttons on it that can active your macro) If you have any extra keys you must click on Each key for 5 seconds! - make sure to move your character and then click on them when both screen and your keyboard are in the camera frame.
  • Show your Gears (Set and Weapons).
  • Before you start fighting Click on all the mouse extra keys while your in game make sure to move your character before and then press on the keys - Each key must be clicked for 5 seconds!
  • Your Pot and Skill Bar must be visible.
  • The Camera angle must be good enough so we can see your mouse and keyboard in the same frame.
  • Increase your Webcam / Camera Brightness.
  • Show PC System Information
  • Show Hidden Icons On Taskbar.

Thank You,
The InfinityMU Team
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