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Sep 12, 2011


Name of the GM: DORAEMON
Reasons: abuse power and treating players unfairly.

I am here to report GM Doraemon for power abusing, as I expected to be banned due to the hate that OUTLAWS has on me, hence, in my report thread I included the fact that I want the opinion from a staff that is not related to OUTLAW, and this has proven me right. After I reported his guild mates, he banned me directly for 5 days. Was there any report on me? I personally believe that he just abused his powers to check all the chat logs, so that he can bann me, so his guild mates are happy, to make it fair, as i successfully reported Ishida and Mhadz.
My bann thread: https://forum.infinitymu.net/threads/prince-mr-die.124730/#post-1588447
My report thread: https://forum.infinitymu.net/threads/ishida.124728/#post-1588443

Why I call it power abuse? There were no reports on me, as i see the proof is directly from chat logs commands, which are found by him. Moreover, I am always called "Macro" from his friend Brandy, and he clearly told me "You don't do PCH, because you are scared", and he continued by saying something about like "don't worry doraemon will check ur HWID".
Furthermore, Doraemon is clearly using his powers on his advantages, how comes your guild outlaws, knows secret chars of Bueno, when he didn't even tell us (when I was still in their guild), and your friends Seysa, dontPANICK, Pusa knows clearly is Bueno?

Another thing I want to add is: "Poor net" "Poor filipino" "go get some sun" "boring thrashes" "outlaw thrashiest guild" how are those words able to get 5 days bann? I said dog too, yeah, how about Ishida and Mhadz gets 2 days after they call me weakass player dog, my brain is a bug? How comes they get 2 days of bann and I get 5 days? Where is racism? So if one guy is filipino i can't call him poor filipino? and for your own knowledge poor is also synonym of sad. I am calling him "sad filipino" and i can call others sad polish, is that racism?

Also, from my report thread I would like to point out that HGM Nikki said: " if they arnt banned means they arnt reported yet", they thrashtalked for months and they never get banned, so since I didn't get reported, why for coincidence I get banned straight after my report was successfull?

Secondly, GM Nikki also stated:" everyday the GM's check the chatlogs but there focus is not on the trash talk parts but on other facts.", so how comes sir DORAEMON has the focus on looking at my chat logs of 2-3 days ago? Some coincidence? i get no report yet he still go look at my chat log? Ah no, this is just to take revenge.

And lastly, do you think in this chat log i was talking alone? Please go check Brandy's chat log too, if you are curious, and see how much he harrassed on me, and how much internet bully he used. Don't be sided to your guild, because in this conversation that u got to bann me, even Brandy has bullied me with words, so most of my thrashtalk was an answer to his provokations, why isn't him banned? Ah, he is OUTLAW, thats why i am the only party to get banned.

So, DORAEMON, will u ever stop abusing ur power under the request of your fellow friends? U check my HWID, u check my chat logs of 2-3 days ago after I report 2 players from outlaw, u abuse your power by exposing secret players chars and u are unfair by banning your friends 2 days and me for 5 days.

Please, GMs for the good of community, do something. This game is already called "OutlawMU" because of his power abusing, and if you ask people around u will find out as well. I would also suggest that u guys accept MODS/Staffs from other guilds as well, because the staff team has too many outlaw players :).

I am not scared to report you, because I know that I am already hated by all ur guild, so, I whenever i feel treated unfairly, I will report u again, until justice wins. And you know what u guys did to take down some enemies.


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Sep 11, 2015
Latvia, Riga


Fucking grow up. All you kids should really go get some education on how to behave. Now we are going to get staff reports because we washed your mouth with soap and didn't soap your neighbour enough? You all are so insanely toxic, all you care for is getting someone punished for something when you all do the same thing yourselves and then you cry when you get punished as well. Pathetic. If I was HGM, not only your report would be denied, but your ban time would increase as well for these random accusations with 0 proof whatsoever, and trust me, ban extension will be a topic in GM chat, not because of your imaginary Outlaw power, but because of YOU. Learn to own up to your actions and start acting how you would with your momma by your side - WITH RESPECT! Do not reply unless HGM asks you to.


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Jul 17, 2009


in your report you wanted a fair process.

Afair process has been done. we checked the chatlogs back and found out your racism.
You claim that outlaw members start calling you out ingame out of the blue and you do not know why. but as you can see as the chatlogs provided you has a big mouth of trashtalking.

Also you going to false accuse my team members of biased staff, nha think again they all have their own guild where they participate with and all who break the rules get punisht.
simple as 1/2/3.

then kronny tells you do not reply and you reply. calling him biased, when he dont give a I Love InfinityMU about all those guilds, he has his own guild and love to kill players around without knowing its him.

now as you can see we banned those who you reported and i told that they needed to check the chatlogs because you asked for that in a way.
so we did and now you get banned for racism and trash talk and you call it unfair so you going to report the staff member that banned you.

Ask your self: do you really want fairness or do you just want all the players that you hate seeing banned and you can be proud about it.

something else, you can be happy its only 5 days ban you have.

now you see you got a negative review from kronny who has nothing to do with outlaw,
you got a negative point of me i dont have anything to do with any guild i just join a guild with cs.

Now we will wait on peace who ALSO has NOTHING to do with outlaw guild.
and if you still think its all unfair i will let every staff reply here and will let the whole server decide about your account what you think about that.

easy: if this post gets more then 10 emoticon reply's every reply above will add a week of ban time.

DO NOT reply here or every emoticon reply will end you up a extra week of ban time.


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Feb 23, 2013


Doraemon can't check HWID since only me and nikki have access to the panel.
now since we throwing this word in the air, what infomation can he get by having ur hwid? its just a bunch of letters mixed with numbers... which is like an ID, not to mention he doesn't even have the power to search any other accounts and characters under it...

just to remind you we banned DarkEza which was OUTLAW former Guild Master...

We are banning every player who CHEAT! you fucking know me...
You can look the the recent ban list as proof...
there isn't a day im not thinking how to help the server,and keep it clean for YOU GUYS! every one of us in the staff team are here for you, not for our personal gain!

I have no doubt in doraemon judgement, he had being proving himself since his first day on the team, and he have bright future in it.

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