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Happy Valentines and Happy anniversary To infinityMU!

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GOD OF Thunder!
Nov 18, 2017


Hello everyone, specially to [MENTION=1]RESiSTANT[/MENTION] for having Successful server and the most best PVP server all the times ,
i am so happy to stay here for almost how many decades,
from Down to UP , Noob to Pro , (on my own thought xD )
we had counter many problems here at our server , but we stay alive and strong, we are so lucky to have admin like Resistant,
my Valentines wish is , i hope we get more Stronger and stay more years to come,
i hope resistant will give more promotion, specially for our anniversary, i hope he will make a new promotion, that more better than before,
im calling everyone , to help me, to make convince Resistant to make a Promotion, buy 1 items and get free 2 items with the same amount of your donated, in short when you donate 1 uber mok you will have be given 2 mok for free so total of 3 mok in your inventory,,
2 will be gifted by resistant , (that cannot be use in BTA or cannot be trade in another account only 1 account of yours )​
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