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Denied Appeal [Insomniak] IGN: Vin. - False/Misunderstanding Banning

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Aug 23, 2015
Handsome Boulevard :)


IGN: Vin.
GM: Insomniak
Ban Reason: Macro Usage [First time]
Proof: https://forum.infinitymu.net/threads/vin.125909/

Hello everyone!

First of all, I wanna say that I'm the most handsome on earth.

I don't get it why i got banned for macro usage without any single fail word? If you guys rely on the video, many people there was doing such good combo's like me (using full SD), then you should banned them too (wakakaka). I really thought this game has 100% good game guard that can detect any third party programs that's why i came back, even me i hate haxors coz they will destroy the game. I'm just appealing to clean out my name because my reputation is affected. Sorry to tell you this, don't abuse your power and position just banning innocent people like me. No hate, just opinion.

Your loving loyal and handsome player,


By pasting this, I have agreed to [CH06] Terms and Conditions of Ban Appeals and may not edit my jurisdiction on this type of ban appeal.
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Jul 17, 2009


Hello, most ugliest person on the planet earth.

First i wanne tell you. that your empty words are empty. But my words arnt empty.
you wanne call the GM who banned you biased. for that you get 15 days extra.

[Vin.] Command [~pwedi pa ba kaya app hax d2] Is app hacks still allowed here?
[Vin.] Command [~teka hanapin ko muna files] Wait i'll find my old files

for this text you also get a extra 15 days. so see you over 62 days.

ps het is wahahahahahahaha. kaka you do on the toilette.

all your future ban appeals will go auto to the trash and denied side.

[Vin.] Command [@im from philippines]
[Vin.] Command [@even me, dont have that inf buff and achie]
[Vin.] Command [in cs ]
[Vin.] Command [full cs can give you non stop combos wakakaka]
[Vin.] Command [full sd i mean]
[Vin.] Command [you wont kill easy if u have full buffs and good ]
[Vin.] Command [potting ^^]

[Vin.] Command [im from canada too]
[Vin.] Command [i use touchvpn]
[Vin.] Command [not really good]

[Trippin.] Command [@im from thailand]

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