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Private Challenge >Ko< vs -Obsy.


July 2nd , 2012


I want to challenge -Obsy. to a duel for fun

-show Control panel installed programs.
-Must record in full screen.
-Show your hidden icons list one by one so the name could be visible.
-Show your task manager with all the running processes/applications by scrolling up and down.
-If you have a Gaming mouse/Keyboard open the program (in case you have it installed) and show you have no macros activated on any of the keys including other profiles.
-Show your Mouse and Keyboard to the camera by showing the brand name and model.
-You must show your whole keyboard buttons to the camera (in order show you don't have any extra buttons on it that can active your macro).
-Before you start fighting Click on all the mouse extra keys while your in game make sure to move your character before and then press on the keys.
-Show your mouse to the camera again before the start of the fight.
-Your Pot and Skill bar must be visible.
-The Camera angle must be good enough so we can see your mouse and keyboard in the same frame.
-The video quality must be good enough so everything will be visible.
-No buffs, only your own.
-No pets
-No warp out.
-No relog or disconnect.
-No exploiting bugs or hacking.
-2 times disconnection will result to disqualification.
-No Pilots!
-Fight must do in duel room only
-No spam of twisting slash
-Enter to game with Video
-No Video info you are online already
-Atlas SET or any other WITH 2SWORDS
-With GO

Make sure your mouse is close to the camera :)

No bet (Just for fun)