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Denied Appeal LAViSH

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Sep 6, 2009


Hi Dear Staff Team,

[CH01] Checking Your Ban Reason :
Banned for guild insults/post insults (In theory should be only insults because post insults I haven't seen any and guild insults much less)
Thread: https://forum.infinitymu.net/threads/lavish.125984/#post-1595048
[CH02] MAC Ban for no Apparent Reason
In-Game Name: LAViSH/Boicot
Why did I choose MAC Ban for no Apparent Reason? Because you had to ask the Senior Game Master Doermon or Head Game Master Nikki to get proof to ban me. Otherwise this SCREENSHOTS proves nothing.

Dear all, this has started many months ago to be honest
It is an ongoing battle vs Outlaw guild.

The reason for my ban appeal is very simple.

Proof number one on my thread, has one post about with my name, single one - https://postlmg.cc/gwLHPGF4

Proof number two on my ban thread has two posts - https://postlmg.cc/VryBf2zw
- The first post is exactly the same as above which is the same line, not twice the post. "Outlols sad no lemulia" ok, not an insult it is normal vs rival guilds.
- The second one is "Boxes everywhere jejejejeje", is that an insult? In which language?

Proof number three and number four: https://postlmg.cc/xN5KPCMj / https://postlmg.cc/mhsJV5CK
- I am making fun of myself... What proof is there? I don't actually get it?

Regarding this command check...

[Boicot] Command [b1tch is ur fkin mother] ( false under the account of lavish)
[LAViSH] Command [u sck]
[LAViSH] Command [sad f1ck]
[LAViSH] Command [sad fkin brenda]
[LAViSH] Command [sh1t sm]
[LAViSH] Command [sh1t person]
[LAViSH] Command [/post TRASH OUTLOLS NEED HELP STADIUM] ( posted 4 times)

Did you manage to check if I was being provoked? Can you read the whole conversation? Did you ask Head Game Master Nikki for the logs or you ask Senior Game Master Doermon? Which is a Outlow member?
Did you check if I was insulted by being called bitch before I call the person mother bitch? I was insulted first.
Is the person that insulted me first going to be banned as well?
Do you check only the logs for the people you want to ban because you have no proof?

By pasting this, I have agreed to [CH06] Terms and Conditions of Ban Appeals and may not edit my jurisdiction on this type of ban appeal.
I am not trying to be a victim because I am not. Just don't make me look like I am the worst trash talker here, because if you do, I will start to report everyone that says a single insult.

Thank you very much,

P.S.: You should check when we are being insulted in a different language that we don't even bother to report.

Thank you.


Staff member
Aug 24, 2009


Hello @Alexz ,
Banned for guild insults/post insults (In theory should be only insults because post insults I haven't seen any and guild insults much less
According to Banning Procedures & Regulations [Game Related]
• Heavy insults (Family Insults, Racism, Guild Insults, Server Insults & /post Insults):
1st time: 5 days ban by account;
2nd time: 7 days ban by account;
3rd time: 14 days ban by account;
4th time: 31 days ban by account;
5th time: 62 days ban by account;
after the fifth time its always 62 days by account.
About the screenshots in your ban thread, you created a clique of 3 and start provoking a "rival" guild, i guess this story continues for some time now.

As @Nikki said,
This is 1 of those examples of how you act ingame against outlaw.
And really i do not care about any guild. you guys just going to start act normal in overall and ignore each other.
and yes you 3 guys are those who are daily on the same pattern.
We also know your i no draco is a reference to some 1 that reported you because it happends at the draco time.
We could step in alot sooner but we didnt, we waited till some 1 made a report that he was tired of it. and guess what that day happends to be today.
Now about the commands, even if someone provoked you, replying back by insulting family is not acceptable in a way, at least for me.
You are free to make a report if someone provokes and starts insulting you so similar actions will be taken against him.

I am not going to deny your appeal in first place and wait for Senior Game Master team to express their opinions as well.

Thank you.


Staff member

Jul 17, 2009


you failed even in your ban appeal to write outlaw decent. also we can add family insult to your reason.

You love to come up with you get provoked or any other stuff, but you are always so innocent. well as you can see you are not.

some 1 reply sad to you, and your response is :
[Boicot] Command [sad is ur fac]
[Boicot] Command [with that sh1t dmg]
then out of the blue with no chat history :
[Boicot] Command [dont fkin h1t me loser]
then some cry words.
then again from your side :
[Boicot] Command [sad f1kin f1ck]
some chit chat
[Boicot] Command [LOSER]
[Boicot] Command [bye paper]
then after all your bad words the other dude response:
with run and btch.
so you claim he provoked you while you did it clearly. starting with sad is nothing starting with your words is something. and then you posted your
[Boicot] Command [b1tch is ur fkin mother]
other dude say run. and you reply with
[Boicot] Command [ass hole]

yaya great job you really got provoked. NOT.
Stop blaming others when you are the reason.

You was also already on a watch list so we where just waiting till the right report came in.
your ban remains.

you dont need to make any other appeal, as the above writen text is of your chatlogs history of that day.

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