Provocation and Internet Bully

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February 23rd , 2013


Dear Infinitians,
Since we are all entitled to be gamers, and humans, yes, even us the staff,

We are going to step up with how strict we are regarding reoccurring provoking/internet bullying behavior.
Here are some overall Ground Rules:

1) If someone is consistently calling you a dog - that would fall under the issue of Provoking/Internet Bullying.
2) If someone keeps bothering you over the same subject, as ridiculous as it might be [For an example: "you have a Pizza face"], that too would be considered as Provoking/Internet Bullying.
3) If someone is ridiculing non-negative subjects, such as a new serious job, or house, or anything that has zero negativity to it, we will let it pass through as long as it's relevant,
once it became irrelevant, or just old news, further attempts to ridicule will be punished and considered as provoking/ Internet Bullying as well.

Banning Procedures are the same as harassment report.

We do hope you understand this matter is of importance to us and to your fellow Infinitians,
And act with maturity to stop this childish behavior.
Bullying, hatred, and provoking have no place within our community.

Thank You,
The InfinityMU Team
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