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Aug 23, 2019


Hi, I want to file a report for multiple misconduct by a newly promoted Event Master named Gells, please take the time to read everything carefully.

This story began after I finished Blood Castle at server 4 around 11:34 PM GMT+8. I left my character "-YakuZa-" at Devias Town to have a late dinner but when I got back at 11:51 PM, this is what I saw when I clicked F4 to check out the chat logs:

As you can see, the accused Event Master who was using his main character with the same IGN as his forum name called me "KUPAL" for no apparent reason.

Chat translation:
Gells*: Bud, the "KUPAL" yakuza is there
Gells*: f
Gells*: g
Gells*: h
Gells*: potato(referring to his ally, IGN: Mr.POTATO)

The rest of the chat were irrelevant and is only between Mr.Potato and Alyosha talking about PvP Event.

Here is the meaning of the TAGALOG word "KUPAL" according to this: https://www.tagalog.com/words/kupal.php

Some minutes have passed since I took the SS, I decided to come to the forum to see where I can file a report before I go on with the Draco Hunt and lo! The EXACT SAME EVENT MASTER have mentioned me in the forum shoutbox, and when I asked him why, he said he sent me a PM:

I was baffled. I was wondering what could it be that he wanted to say or ask me that he actually needed to send me a PM from out of the blue? Let alone and most importantly, why did he chose that exact moment of all time? There is no way this could be a coincidence! Of course I thought he might knew what I'm about to do given that he is an Event Master and I don't really know the limits of what he can or cannot see in-game. For a moment I thought he knew I had taken an SS and he's about to stop me from reporting but I was wrong, it was indeed pure coincidence. Here is the SS of his PM:

I will translate it as precise and as accurate as I can but not "word" for "word" because TAGALOG and ENGLISH languages have major differences when it comes to word construction:

Title: Bud(Buddy)


Bud, I wanted to ask you a favor. I was hoping you'd agree to miss 1 vote at Lucky Top Voters Event so we would fall on the same place. It would be a shame if the U.SMOK prize would be wasted. This is the last month I can join this event because I am no longer allowed to do this next month. Besides, you won't be able to receive the U.SMOK prize this month even if you manage to win because you already won last month. Of course, only if it's okay with you.

Of course I know I won't receive the U.SMOK even if I secure 1st Place twice in a row, but that doesn't mean I'm willing to give up on the rest of the prize because I put effort to it and it would be well earned by me(if ever), and although he asked me nicely, this should never be overlooked at because this is plain wrong! This is just like asking somebody for a vote in an event's poll which is clearly illegal by forum rules.

Here is another thing, I am not the only one on the lead regarding post count on Lucky Top Voters Event. PotatoHead is actually ahead of me by a few couple hours and although that doesn't really matter, my point is since there are two(2) of us ahead and he(EM Gells) made it clear that he wants to win the 1st Prize, I'd say he most definitely asked for the same favor to PotatoHead. Probably not via forum PM but maybe through social media if not via Mail/Whisper/PT chat/Guild Chat in-game, but once again, how he did it doesn't really matter and I don't have proof to back this theory up but it's very obvious that he did it or will do it in the very near future since it's 23rd of the month already and he made his intention very clear that he is after this month's Lucky Top Voter's 1st prize but since there is me and PotatoHead on his way, there will be no point if he'll only ask me and not ask PotatoHead for the same favor because if he didn't or wouldn't do it, he'll still be on 2nd Place even if I did chose to grant him the favor and thus, losing the U.SMOK to PotatoHead.

Having been presented by this evidence, it's very easy to deduce that my theory is on point and that the said Event Master should be charged with two(2) counts of "graft and corruption" type offense together with bad mouthing a player for no reason in-game.

Lastly, I would've insisted that the jury present this to the public ONLY after the results of the Top Lucky Voters Event is announced so that we might see whether or not PotatoHead will do it for Gells since they are Guild Allies but on second thought, he'd definitely not do it unless I do it 1st so, yeah this would be all. I'm hoping this would be taken care of and a just punishment be applied.

Best regards,


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May 17, 2015
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After alot of thinking / investigating I have come with the following conclusions.
Under no circumstances I allow any of my Event Masters to response that rudely to players . That's why Gells is getting a warning. And he won't do it again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

As for the PM you received. Gells progress on top lucky voters is now wiped and he won't be participating on the event again.
All his votes won't be counted and he won't have a place on the winners no matter the number of votes he got.

Now after this case but also as I and rest of the head staff always believed , we came to the following decision. Event Masters from now on will not be able to join ANY event , forum or game related except if it's decided to.

Again sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your report.
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