Announcement All New Tier-3 Uber Sets (Gallery)

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( Models Preview )
Link: (embeded content from imgur doesn't display png images correctly in forum so you have to use the link unlike the gallery below which you can browse in the forum)

( Models, Set Parts & Options Preview )

Note that some of the options in the screenshots such as Double Damage Rate and Increase Wizardry Dmg have been increased and you can see them correctly in-game, webshop and wiki later this days.

When to expect them available in webshop?
The official release of the all new sets in webshop will be in March 18 , 2023 - around 11 PM (UTC+3).
Why I can't see them in-game even tho I see some players wearing invisible sets or/and I collected some new sets/parts?
Simply go to and download the new game client from our website.
What's the sets which will be available for donation?
- 22 New Sets from the gallery above + 3 Sets (Helios, Sol & Demeter) which can be also earned in Team vs Team event scheduled every Saturday after CS starting month of April.
- Total 25 Sets.
What's the set prices?
$25 USD for the all new tier-1 sets (Attis & Thanatos) for MG class and $50 USD for the all new tier-3 sets for the rest of the classes. We will offer also nice bonuses with the new sets.
Where can I get more info for the sets?
We will list them in webshop later today (March 18 - around 11 PM UTC+3) so you can check the exact set parts included and their respective new options.

Thank You,
The InfinityMU Team
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