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April 16th , 2010
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I will put on this threads all Castle Siege tricks I learn in all my Mu Online game history.
We will talk first about what attackers should do, then what defender ally should do, one class at a time.
Lets start, first of all let me explain how to hold switch.

How to switch - If you're BK or DL (remenber this works only if you off horse and use sword with skill), you need to take the corner, if there's no players at corners, you should use skill on peoples on the middle or people closer to the corner, just keep using skill, you can ask your guild mates to take the corner for you so you can use skill on them, if they use skill on you and you use skill on them it's much better and will help you a lot. An advice is never walk in switch, always back to the corner with sword skill, better is use sword with range 3 (Morning star, Tomahawk, all swords with Falling Slash Skill) because this skill has a longer reach. if you are moved away from the corner, skill the players next to you and make a path to the corner never try to walk back, if you work with Control + Shift it will avoid you to walk because when you press Shift you can't walk with your char. BK class has more reflect then DL class, and BKS seems to be more afftected to horse skill, so switching is more easy using DL class but BK class has more vitality so its more hard to kill, so you have to work with the class thats fits more with you. If you're a new and doesnt knows how to switch you can start using DL, you will just need defence and better potting rate.
Yellow options I use more is full damage rate for all classes in all set and shield and sd ignore in sword/staff/bow. Try to use sets with pink, remenber you need sets with pink that gives more 15.000 HP, all tier 1 and tier 2 draco has this option, same as Ahriman, Paladin, Inquisitor, Hermania, Vahalla or if you don't have credits/draco/rows to get this sets you can work with Sunlight, Dark knight Set, Venon Mist because this sets are cheap and have 10.000 extra HP on pink.
About acessorys, I'm using always full wind pendants and rings because I see the atribute of skills in BK and ELFS are wind atribute, so if you use winds pendant and rings you will be more tank. If you're sealer always use pendant lighting and 2 ring earths or pendant lighting, 1 earth ring and 1 ice ring.
Lighting pendant is to avoid SMS to move you by using lighting, earth ring is for horse skill affect less you and ice ring is for when elfs are using ice skill on you, so if you use ice ring you wont get freeze by this elf skill. But for switch I always prefer to use full wind acessory because it's much more tank.
Now you know how to switch with BK and DL, so lets learn with ELF and SM.
With ELF best is always use dino so you wont get reflect, if you go for switch always use it with shield and sword for more defence and just try to walk back to the corner, remenber SMS and ELFS are not affect to much by horse skill so just try to walk back to the corner. With SMS is the same but you can use teleport, bare in mind if you try to use teleport in a place that have other player, you will just lost your spell and will have to wait to use it again, so use it when you're sure it will work, it's all about be smart.
I recomend for all classes use DDR in all set and shield and SD ignore or SD decrease in sword/staff. I test it myself and I like more to use SD ignore for attack and SD decrease for defence because it will decrease other guild master sd and will make him take more reflect.

Now you know how to hold switch with all classes, so lets go for what should you do in CS event. First lets go for BKS killers then switcher BKS.

BK - If you're killer, you should use the gear that gives you more high damage, I recomend to use Full Uber SD sets, just get full buffs and explode switcher or the guild master trying to seal. Remenber always if you're not good killers you will make your ally life more hard, because if you take the corner to kill the switcher but you dont sucess, the switcher will just use skill on you, so you will help him to switch, same happen in defence because if you try to kill the master and you take so long without sucess you will just make him get less affect by horse skill, because horse skill will affect who's on top in case you're bugging on him. So if you're attacking take full buff, check best time and explode the switcher. Same in defence, get full buff and explode guild master as fast as you can.
BK - If you're switcher, remenber to click out of the switch, never click at corner because it will help the switcher to come back to the corner by using skill on you, if you get the switch just hold it max time you can and ask you guild mates to help you. (Speak with them before because when you get the switch just pot as fast as you can, never walk in switch and always use skill on players at corners or close to the corner). If you're defending just give swell for your party, if there's other BK in your PT get other char, I recomend DL.
BK - If you're guild master you will need to use full SD set with pendant lighting and earth rings for better seals, always try to make clicks when you're in the middle of crown, both in the back and in the front, never walk then click, just use skill on others at crown to go in the middle then you click, always check dls horse skills, just click when you see dls use horse skill, when you see most of dls use horse skill then you click and use ts skill, if you acumule seconds just save it by doing clicks in the right time, you have to work with your brains, just pay attention on the dls horse skills and click after them use it, also never walk and click, use skill to get in the right place of the crown then wait for dls to use horse skill and click.

Sms - In sms that's the same as defending and attacking, lighting and ice skill is really powerful skill, so always keep using lighting at switcher or guild masters, use ice storm first then keep using lighting on him, ice will make them move slow and lighting will just push them out of switch or cancel them seal and also take reflects. If you get the switch with SM char, just keep your teleport to use in the right time and try to walk to the corner.

Elfs - In elfs you can help switch, you can kill and you can defence, that's one of the most powerful class, because Ice skill is really good and also elfs have good damage, so if you're killer just get full buff and explode switcher or guild master, you can use ice skill on them too also and freeze them, elfs with dinorant can hit fast so if you keep doin this you will just freeze the switch or the guild masters and also gives him a lot of reflect, this will make his life really hard. If you take the switch, just keep walking to the corner, if you get moved and are not close to the corner, just make a path to the corner, don't try to come back at once because otherwise your character might try to go around.

DLS - When you're attacking with DLS, always use one sword with Skill and keep 1 slot in your inventory to off your horse, also keep one scepter with SD decrease for when you're defending because SD decrease will decrease other guild master SD and will make him take more reflect. never stay still at switch or at crown, always use horse skill and walk away, always hit before use the horse skill too also, always stay as far away as possible to the switcher or guild master, keep hitting and when you can use horse skill just come close him use the horse skill then walk away and hit hit then again close and use horse skill. In case switcher is at corner, use horse skill in the middle of switch to get him out of the corner then other DL from your alliance can take the corner and use it on the corner. If switcher is in the corner and you move close him to switch, switcher will just use skill on you and wont get affect by your horse skill, so work with your team mates, one dl off the switcher from corner by using horse skill in the middle then others just come and use horse skill in the corner, if every1 is hitting he will get a lot of reflect so its easy to off him from switch, you can also work with your team to keep horse, every1 keep hitting the switcher so you come and use horse in the middle he will be moved to the middle so your guild mates just come and use horse skill in the corner, if you work well with this strategy it will be really hard to hold switch for long time. If you work with Elfs and SMs together and make a good strategy it's also much better. If you're defending with DL you just do same as if you're attacking, keep hitting guild master as far as you can, when you're allowed to use horse skill again you just come close stomp guild master then you walk away and keep hitting him as far as you can, then when you can use horse again just come close and stomp, keep doin this. I see many people standing at crown, if there are too many people in the back, DLS will have difficult to walk to the back and horse the guild masters and also it will be hard to move the guild masters because he will bug in players there, so your horse will move your guild mates and not the guild master, so work with your team, killers just go there if they are sure they will kill or just keep at switch trying to kill the switcher and close the crown and let sms and elfs hit the guild master as far as they can and dls always hitting and horse, the fewer people near the guild masters is more easy to make good stomps and cancel his seal, if everybody stay on top to the guild master it is hard to move him and cancel his seal, that's all about work together with your team and use your brains.

Stern - There is one magic really powerful that can be used by all classes and thats something that can make the best player as nothing, the name of this magic is Stern, Stern is all Battle Masters from guilds can use it if they get 4 kills, you kill 4 peoples and if you're Battle Master you will be allowed to use this magic and it freeze all players close to the place you use for some secs, this can be used to off the switcher because he will be freeze for long time and wont be able to walk or use skill, its the best way to off everyone, even the most pro player can't do anything agasnt stern, but this magic is useful if you know how to use it, because if you come and someone is on top of the switcher, trying to kill and just using skill on him, it wont affect the switcher, so bare in mind to use this in right time, this magic is good if you have patience so don't rush, keep it and use in the right time. Just ask one DL to use horse skill in the middle to of the switcher from corner then you use it on him when he's on the middle so its like maximum chance of him lost the switch. You can work with it to stern DLS and help your master to seal, you can use it to stern the guild master trying to seal, you can use this on switcher it is really useful, just as I said use it with patience, with time you will learn more about it. You can get it by killing others guild members or just kill your pt or players in your guild, afk players, you just need 4 kills doesnt matter who you kill, so work with what's better for you. And when you get stern just dont die because if you die you lost it and will need to kill 4 players again.

Also if you're lagging it's affect direct your game play, so always use proxy for better ping and better potting rate and also make your pc get high perfomance by some changes in your computer and by using anti lag. Here is some effective threads and links about how to get high possible performance:

Just make changes you need to get less lag, because less grafic lag and good ping is the most important thing you will need :)

This video is how to switch by using skill:

This video is how to defence the crown with DL:

Also Im always uploading live of castle siege, last 4 CS's I did live, so if you're a new and don't know what to do, just watch videos in my channel so you can learn fast how to be good on this event, heres is my channel for who dont have it:

That's it guys, I hope it will be useful for new players that dont know what to do, Im not the best I know this but I'm sure this guide can help new players that's why I decide to open it. I just put all I know here, some things that I never said, just read it and im sure you will improve a lot. There's to more threads I found that explain more about castle siege and links are here:
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February 27th , 2020
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Nice, guide and tips well done!

Just a correction if you allow me,

"About acessorys, I'm using always full wind pendants and rings because I see the atribute of skills in BK and ELFS are wind atribute, so if you use winds pendant and rings you will be more tank. If you're sealer always use pendant lighting and 2 ring earths or pendant lighting, 1 earth ring and 1 ice ring."

2 or more access with the same element are not doing stack.

If for example you are using 2 wind rings only 1 is giving you wind res.

The only thing that i am not sure is if the access are doing stack with the Excalibur sword.

Wiki Ref:
" What are resistance for?
Resistance provides a chance for a certain element type to miss on attack. A good example would be twisting slash. This skill is an attribute of wind. Therefore, if you wear an accessory of wind, there will be a chance for attacks like twisting slash to miss on you.

Accessory resistance, however does not stack. What only stacks are their excellent ops. Example: You have pair ring wind dd+ref. You will have a total of 8%dd and 10% ref as these options stack for the rings. Your resistance to wind element however, will not stack. Let's say you have an accessory of wind+13. You get 40% chance to miss from wind attribute attacks. If you wear another accessory of wind, the 40% chance will not increase.

Note: The higher the + of an accessory, the more resistance you get. Resistance does not stack, the resistance that will be calculated is the resistance of the higher level item.

Example: You are wearing Ring of wind+2 and Ring of wind+6. They have 3 and 6 resistance to wind, respectively. Your total resistance would not be 3+6=9, but rather the higher between 3 and 6. Your total resistance is 6.

It would be best to mix your resistance using different accessories. The most preferred would be 1 ACC each of Wind, Fire and Ice. These are the most common attributes in player skills."

Note/Tip: For "switchers" you don't have to wait the countdown to finish once you click the switch, you can press "esc" key and click again the switch

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