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Finished Event [Big Event] Hunt the Mods

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Mar 7, 2012


Major Event - Hunt the MODS

Hello Infinitian's! It's time for a major event !

You have a personal vendeta against a Forum Moderator or even against the Lead Forum Moderator? It's time to make them pay ! Slay them all and show superiority in game !

The event consits of minor events combined into a big event.As the title says the objective is to hunt down our Forum Moderators and slay them all, bring them the total annihilation ! Hide & Seek combined with PK !

Event mechanics:
-The MOD's shall form a party and hide in one of the Continent of MU Maps.
-Whilst hiding, they will permanently have a SHOP open with the name "Prey" on it.
-Event participants have to set up hunting squadrons in order to find them and slay them all.
-The event hosters EM's, GM's, HGM or Administrator shall follow the "Prey" all over the map.
-The "Prey" shall be in a constant movement around the map trying to survive the "Hunter" kites and attacks, responding with the same thing...death !
-Tactics,planing and momentum are very important in order to succeed.
-If the "Prey" has not formed a full party, minor PK Events shall be hosted in order to pick "Guardians" to complete the "Prey" Party

Victory condition & prizes:
-Victory will be declared once all the Moderators are dead.
-Prizes will follow a bounty format:
Lead Moderator: 10,000 GC + 5 IMES
Senior Moderator: 7,500 GC + 3 IMES
Moderator: 5,000 GC + 2 IMES
Trial Moderator(if applicable): 2,500 GC + 1 IMES

-ALL buffs allowed
-ALL classes allowed
-SUMMON is allowed for both teams "Prey" & "Hunter"
-"Prey" is not allowed to hide in "safe zone"
-Failing to do so, the host can Disqualify/Slay the player/mod involved
-Once dead, a ''Prey'' can no longer come back as a target.
-Prey killed by their Guard will still come back as a target.

Prizes for "Prey" + "Guardian":
Stage 1 : 2,500 Gold Credits if they survive at least 5 minutes
Stage 2 : 5,000 Gold Credits if they survive at least 10 minutes
Stage 3 : 7,500 Gold Credits if they survive at least 20 minutes
Stage 4 : 10,000 Gold Credits if they survive at least 30 minutes
"Guardians" will recieve 1 extra IMES point per game stage starting from 2nd Stage

Event date :

9th of February, 1 hour before regular CASTLE SIEGE time !

drop me a PM for any question regarding the event...


Mar 7, 2012


Today 9th of February 2020, just an hour before our regular CS time. Another hunt of the Moderators had happened at the very vast and foggy world of Noria. Mods are now hidden in the map but the Hunters are also well prepared and searched the Mods where they might be hiding. Not long after, Hunters found their hiding spot and start attacking them. With their sharp blades, magic spells, bow and arrows, Moderator! was the first who fell down in his knees and got killed by a warrior named [Vash], Guards are well aware of the fact that they are outnumbered by the massive hunters that have gathered in the map, so they have tighten their protection and surrounded the mods and killed the hunters one by one. Even so, Kronwell didn't escape in their grasp and got killed by the hands of AdiKaKQoZA. Even with her comrades helping her getting powered up and high defense, it wasn't enough for her to stay alive and Scarlette also got killed by a mighty warrior named UMAASA.

Members of the council who assisted the event are: Pix, Naldo, Shaw, Peaceful, Kronwell, Scarlette, and yours truly, Anja.

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