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BK Ancient Set Combinations Discussion


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August 25th , 2021


I was just looking for opinions and suggestions on these ancient set combinations and why do some people choose one set over the other: (You can add a totally different set combinations into the discussion if you want!)

Eplete + Berserker
Increase defensive skill when using shield weapons 25%
Increases Critical Damage Rate 40%
Increases Excellent Damage Rate 40%
Double Damage Rate 40%
Decreases opponent’s defense rating +35%
Increase damage when using two handed weapons +35%
Increases Skill Attacking Rate +125

Berserker + Obscure (This one I am seeing a lot lately and don't understand why since the Eplete + Berserker seems to give more. Can someone please try to explain as to why people go with this set?)
Increases Skill Attacking rate 125
Double Damage Rate 30%
Increases Maximum Health +125
Increases Critical Damage Rate 30%
Increases Excellent Damage rate 30%
Decreases opponent's defense rating 35%
Increase defensive skill when using shield weapons 55%
Increase damage when using two handed weapons +15%

Vicious + Hyon
Increases Skill Attacking Rate +250
Double Damage Rate 55%
Increases Critical Damage Rate 50%
Increases Excellent Damage Rate 50%
Increases Defensive Skill +125
Increases Damage +125
Decreases opponent's defense rating +40%

Sekhmet + Maahes
Increase Damage +125
Increase Maximum Health +250
Increase Stamina Recover Rate +125
Increases Critical Damage Rate 45%
Increases Excellent Damage Rate 45%
Double Damage Rate 85%
Decreases opponent's defense rating +35%
Increases Defensive Skill +250
Increases Skill Attacking Rate +125
Increase defensive skill when using shield weapons 20%

Notes: Apart from the Atlas set, it seems to me that Vicious + Hyon and Sekhmet + Maahes are clear winners. I can see Vicious + Hyon being used instead of Atlas for the "Skill Attacking Rate +250" and losing out on 5% Critical Damage Rate and Excellent Damage rate, and some Agility. For Sekhmet + Maahes it has the advantage of using a shield (4DDR + 7DDR) and an extra 30% Double Damage Rate.

My thoughts are:
1. Why would people use Berserker + Obscure instead of Eplete + Berserker
2. For what reason would people buy Berserker, Eplete, and Obscure sets when Hyon, Vicious, Sekhmet, Maahes exist for the same price point.
- Is it for style points? 🙂:unsure:
- or do you guys feel good playing with these sets?
- No right or wrong answers!

Out of all the Ancient Set Combinations for BK, which one is your favorite and why?

Let's hopefully keep the conversation civil and maybe use this thread to chill around as a community!