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Special Event Boosters for Newbies (September 2021)


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February 1st , 2009


Hello friends,

We are willing to give out per x2 Semi Uber Sets by choice to all newbies in the server who reach the requirement of Votes in this event in order to super-boost their start in our awesome server. With your new semi uber sets you will be able to compete in the regular daily PVP in Stadium and even PVP events and this will grant you a very, very good start in our server and a lot of fun!

4 Simple Requirements to Meet:
1. At least 200 votes submitted to the server (You can start vote from September 1, 2021);
2. You are recently registered in our server (At least from June, 2021);
3. You must not have older accounts in the server (you must be completely new to the server, the administration will check your Hardware ID/computer serial number to verify that you are new and you don't own any other accounts);
4. You must level up an character on your account with at least 1 Grand Reset or 100 Resets.


All your votes must be submitted properly through www.infinitymu.net/vote - InfinityMU Vote Reward System with passing the recaptcha (anti bot protection) and in the end if we detect that you did not submitted valid votes your Semi Uber Sets x2 (2 Semi Sister Uber Sets) reward will not be given out:

1. 100 Resets / Grand Reset is easy to be completed in 1-2 days just because 1 Reset takes 2-3 minutes to be accomplished.
2. If you start voting every 12 hours in our Vote Reward System from today, for 15 days you will have 210 votes and in the end of September (2021) you may claim your 2x Sister Semi Uber Sets (E.g. Hyon+Vicious or Alviss+Prometheus) in this topic, reply with format:

In-Game Name: ...
Screenshot of Achievements or Advanced Stats:
Screenshot of "Member Since" in  [URL]https://www.infinitymu.net/account[/URL]
(upload to [URL]https://www.imgur.com[/URL])

Is everyone who meet the requirements will have x2 Semi Uber Sets?

- Yes, we are willing to give out many Semi Uber sets in this event! Everyone will have 2 of his desired sets in their vault instantly after replying with the requirements meet!

What Uber Set should I choose for my class? I really can't choose T_T!
- We recommend the following sets:
BK: Uber Maahes + Uber Sekhmet;
SM: Uber Alviss + Uber Prometheus;
ELF: Uber Gywen + Uber Ahruan;
MG: Uber Gaion + Uber Myuren;
DL: Uber Agnis + Uber Browii;

What is Semi Uber Set?
Excellent + Ancient options Set which guarantees quality PVP among all players who cannot afford to donate even VS Full Uber.

Real Play to Win Experience
The purpose of semi uber sets are to make InfinityMU a play to win game instead pay to win. These sets are giving real advantages in the PVP.

Learn more about Semi Uber Sets @ our wiki:

Thank You,
The InfinityMU Team
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February 1st , 2009


@To all, this offer is still available in September, and if you just registered in our community or few months ago then you can do the requirements in the first post and reply in this event topic after you are ready with the requirements. First post has been updated with new dates.
Thread is now sticky as it is important event for our newbies!

In-Game Name: Arizen / WizKers
Congrats, you meet our requirements and thanks for joining this event! Submit a ticket with your items choice.
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