Castle Siege Update 20.4.2018

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February 1st , 2009
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Hello friends

Our server has been updated with the following Castle Siege system updates:
1. 5 minutes after Castle Siege Event begins, the initialization of points system will start (kills, crown switch withstands, seals points will work. Until 5minutes haven’t passed from the start then points will not count)
2. Castle Defender = 1 point every 2 seconds
3. Crown Switch 1 withstand = 1 point every 4 seconds
4. Crown Switch 2 withstand = 1 point every 4 seconds
5. Successful Crown Register Seal = 100 points
6. Apart from the Defender Points, switch withstand and successful seals, killers also contribute to their team by killing enemies in the crown room (only crown room and only enemies)
  • Alliance Guild Master Kill = 8 Points
  • Rest of players = 3 Points
  • Alliance kills (friendly fire) will not score any points
Changes have been made due to the suggestions made by the players in the forum: here.

More unique game updates in progress of development...because we care for our community.
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Thank You,
The InfinityMu Team
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