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XmaS Specials Christmas Tree Contest 2020

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Feb 1, 2009


Hello there, dear Infinitians!

Christmas is fast approaching soon and for this yearly celebration we have decided to make an event for this very special celebration. Since almost all of us all over the word celebrate this celebration and for sure every family has its own Christmas Tree in their home. The sense of this event is to create your own or show your Christmas Tree Decoration and take a picture of with a piece of paper including it.

Mechanics of the event:

Each forum account may only submit one entry per user.
You will need to design and decorate your own Christmas Tree.
You must show your in-game and forum name as well in a piece of paper together in the picture.
Also you must include the word "Merry Christmas InfinityMU"
Entries must be uploaded only at
https://postimages.org/ or www.imgur.com
Edited entries or picture are not allowed, it must be real.


♦ Design
♦ Background
♦ Realistic
♦ Efforts
♦ Creativity

Rewards and Prizes:

1st Place :
Uber Weapon T2 + 13 + Full Options + Uber Ring/Pendant


Uber Weapon T1 x2 +13+ Full Options + Uber Ring/Pendant x2 (by winners choice) + 5 IMES points

2nd Place :
Full Gear + Full Option + 3 IMES points
example: Excellent Titan Set, 3rd Wings, x2 Rings of Wind, x1 Pendant of Wind, 2 Weapons by choice or 1 weapon + shield by choice.

3rd Place :
5,000 Gold Credits + 1 IMES point

Consolation prizes :
♦ 2,500 Gold Credits each users for their efforts.


♦ Only Entries will be posted in this Event Thread!

Starts now :: December 6, 2020!

♦ You have time until 0:00 AM gmt+8, December 24,2020

♦ Poll will start after!

WARNING: Any form of cheating such as using multiple forum accounts is against the rules and you'll be disqualified from the event.

Good Luck To Everyone!

Happy Holidays by InfinityMU Team!



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Feb 6, 2020


Merry Christmas people! I have only a miniature tree but I decorated it with all the new jewels of iMU made out of clay. Hope my efforts would pay off <3
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