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Finished Event Duel Kings, May 2021...

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May 17, 2015
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A Critical Call of Duty!

Duel Kings

Event Description :
Series of duels will be happening in this event.
From the 16 officially registered Blade Masters, there could only be one to be announced as the Duel King.

Mechanics of the event :
A player who wish to join should Mail the specific Event Master that will be announced in game in order to be registered.
Only the First 16 players to mail the said Event Master will be joining the event.
Leave all your equipmet (except rings/pendants/wings) in your vaults and Leave space for 1set+2 swords.
There will be given a small break for repoting so dont fill your inventory with potions.
Sets, Swords and Rings will be provided by the Staff Team.
Players who do not have guild buff can join the "DuelKing" guild.
Elimination Round - Best of 3; Final Fight - Best of 5

Location, Date and Time of the Event :
Server 3, Sunday 30th of May 2021 - Regular CS time!
4:00pm UTC+3
-Click Here-

No Hacks
No Bugs
No Exploits
No Buffs(except own buff)
No Pets
No wars
Usage of other gears than what is provided by EMs are forbiden.

System for Evaluation :
The whole duration of the event will be duly recorded.
After every each duel, screenshots will be taken with a clear and visible name of the winner.
Prizes will be added by the host right after the event.
Full list of winners will be updated in this thread after the event is finished.

Prize(s) :
1st Place:
10,000 Gold Credits + 5 IMES
and special tag in forum for 1 month

2nd Place:
7,500 Gold Credits + 3 IMES

3rd and 4th Place:
5,000 Gold Credits + 2 IMES

Rest will get
500 Gold Credits + 1 IMES

Brought to you by:
Infinity MU Staff Team


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Oct 9, 2019



Today, as a custom of the old days, we gathered and fought for fame, glory and power! Many were the warriors that wanted to join the competition but sadly only 16 of them managed to register on the tournament. The bloodshed and violence were too much to handle. Fight after fight, more and more warriors were defeated. And after a lot of fights the winner rise on top of his defeated enemies. His name is LuckyT_TQ.


🥇1st Place: LuckyT_TQ

🥈2nd Place: Queso409

🥉3rd-4th Place:PacX & Che

Tournament Ranking:

Members of the council watching over the event: Ezio, Booms, Gells, Ancalagon and Wintwi.
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