Game Guide Easiest/Cheapest way to make Semi Uber

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May 20th , 2013
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Hello Guys!

I've Notice that many players in-game asking me how to make Semi-Ubers?
Well i'll teach you how to make your desired Semi-Uber Set in easiest way and the cheapest.

You just need 1 joa and 500-700 Credits for this steps. it will save you time from hunting and putting jewel of lucks, jewel of Excellent, etc.

Small Fact(For Beginners):What is Semi-Uber Set?
-Semi Uber Set is an Excellent Ancient item like Donate Ubers. But this only has 1 option. this can be maked putting using Jewel Of Ancient

Now lets go back to the guide.

1.- Simply buy your desired Excellent item you want to turn into ancient in Webshop. (Commonly if you want a Hyon parts you go buy Dragon(Helm,Boots,Gloves), As i said in the fact semi ubers has only 1option so you can choose from the best 3 option (Damage Decrease/Reflect Damage/Defense Success Rate) its your choice. but i suggest you picked Damage Decrease. its the most important since you'll be tanky with it.

If you want to get discount from buying parts. you can choose Item level +0 and additional Defense/Dage+0 then you can make it +13 ingame and add Additional Defense/Damage Using jewel of life Ingame.

2. After you purchase it from webshop. Now you put Yellow option to it. I'm sure you know how to put yellow option so i wont make an example for this step. So usually you will put Damage Decrease Rate.

3. After you put your desired yellow option. We've come to the final and the tricky part. Usually Putting Jewel Of Ancient has chance to failed. so this depends on your 50% luck(Depends if you take a bath daily) + 50% chance of success. If you encountered that you failed. i suggest wait another 10minutes or more before trying again. so it has a high chance it wont fail again. But it has higher chance always to success. so goodluck with it.

I Hope this will help you. Specially if youre a beginner and dont know how it works. Goodluck!! And Remember Play Fair Always!

Best Regards,
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