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May 21st , 2010
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Hello dear Community.

In this thread I would like to introduce and tell you a litle bit about our newly updated Forum Report System.

It is a simple reporting system that allows you to quickly & easily report any inappropriate content in our forum. With this system, you are able to report forum posts and ShoutBox messages.

How to make a report?
First, you need to find the inappropriate post or message and then proceed to report it.

1. How to report a forum post

Enter a valid reason of your report, after that click on Report.

2. How to report a ShoutBox message

Same as in the post's case, enter a valid reason of your report and click on Report.

After you have submitted a report, an automatic thread in the Forum Reports section with a preset prefix will be created under your name. All done with a simple click! :)

It will look like like this:

But don't worry, for those who prefer the old manual way of reporting, you can still make a report yourself. Just make sure to follow the reporting rules and always choose the prefix.

Thank you,
InfinityMU Forum Administration
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