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December 8th , 2013
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The guides must be direct and have an influence on the user's course of action. They are very important specially for those who need help with the game settings, donations, forum, and more. They are also to help beginners to have a better understanding on how the game or forum work.
Guide section:
As you can see, our guide section is composed by different subsections, if you want to create a guide, make sure to make it in the right section or subsection to avoid confusion on the readers. You can PM any staff team member if you are not certain about where to put your guide.
Game and General Guides:
Forum Guides:
Hardware and Software Guides:

How to Create a Game/Forum/Software or Hardware Guide

Always start a guide with a proper Title and prefix

Title: Without the proper title, it is hard to determine what kind of guide you are writing. You need a proper title of your guide to make sure the reader will easily see your guide thread.
Prefix: We have different prefixes on each guide section and a subsection on the guide section.
Prefixes as follows:

What's inside a Guide
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