Winners Infinity Mu Event Series XXXI WINNERS - Summer Edition 2021

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February 1st , 2009



IMES Points​
πŸ†SAViELLE395Uber Set Tier-2 Full Option+13 by winner's choice
IMES Winner tag
πŸ₯‡-Miyeon-273Uber Weapon and a Uber Accessory (Ring/Pendant) by winner's choice (x1 Tier-2 weapon or x2 Tier-1 weapons + its uber accessories)
πŸ₯ˆiDanzoy1874 Uber accessories by winner's choice and 40.000 Gold Credits
4Hillsong8135.000 Gold Credits
5Daniel-7725.000 Gold Credits
6Jacques46725.000 Gold Credits
7-Ochie-4725.000 Gold Credits
8Jucie3825.000 Gold Credits
9-Husband.3125.000 Gold Credits
10kevss3125.000 Gold Credits
11#ReBorN2410.000 Gold Credits
12LoDebar2410.000 Gold Credits
13Taigaa2210.000 Gold Credits
14Yuuji.2210.000 Gold Credits
15+Goddess+1810.000 Gold Credits
16-ChangeOil1610.000 Gold Credits
17*AK-45*1510.000 Gold Credits
18-Lady.1410.000 Gold Credits
19Caramel-1410.000 Gold Credits
20Draco1310.000 Gold Credits
21Pokka1310.000 Gold Credits
22Uchihahaha1210.000 Gold Credits
23-Phylum-1110.000 Gold Credits
24NickBham1110.000 Gold Credits
25.Tensei1010.000 Gold Credits
26Havs1010.000 Gold Credits
27[XeRa]1010.000 Gold Credits
28Cabss910.000 Gold Credits
29DesuYO910.000 Gold Credits
30LuckyT_TQ910.000 Gold Credits

Congratulations to everyone ! All prizes will be added to your accounts instantly :)
From behalf of Staff Team I hope you enjoyed!

Congratulations to SAViELLE, -Miyeon- and iDanzoy for being in top 3, please Submit a Ticket with your well desired prizes!

Note: Players in this ranking which were banned for cheat/hack/bug abuse/Other abuse related actions will not be rewarded. Players with same accounts IP and characters will not be rewarded.


FIMES Points​
SAViELLE103Uber Weapon + Accessory Included as prize (Tier 2 weapon or x2 Tier-1 Uber weapon + its uber accessories) by choice
πŸ₯‡Hillsong734 Uber accessories by choice + 20.000 Gold Credits
πŸ₯ˆiDanzoy592 Uber accessories by choice + 20.000 Gold Credits
4Jucie3820.000 Gold Credits
5-Miyeon-2920.000 Gold Credits
6Yuuji.2210.000 Gold Credits
7NickBham1010.000 Gold Credits
8[XeRa]1010.000 Gold Credits
9UltraViola910.000 Gold Credits
10-Husband.610.000 Gold Credits
11Khaleesia55.000 Gold Credits
12qazwsxedc55.000 Gold Credits
13[Warean]55.000 Gold Credits
14*_BiSaYa_*45.000 Gold Credits
15KillaFrost45.000 Gold Credits
16Sney-25.000 Gold Credits
17HngCa15.000 Gold Credits

Top 3 Winners please submit a ticket with your well desired prizes!

Remember to keep voting every 12 hours for our awesome server :) Special thanks to all Staff Team, without them this event wouldn't be possible ! I hope you also see our efforts in improving and making you happier day by day. Thanks for all the support!

Good luck everyone in the upcoming IMES Autumn Edition!

All the best,
InfinityMU Staff Team
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