Weekly Forum Event InfinityMU Lucky Lottery - December 2021

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Clue ?


InfinityMU Lucky Lottery

The more entries you send, the more chances of winning.

I will be hosting an event for everyone.
I know that everyone knows what Lottery is, right ? If not here it is;
A lottery is a type of gambling game in which people buy numbered tickets. Several numbers are then chosen, and the people who have those numbers on their tickets win a prize.
This event will be for our server because instead of betting items like RoW, all we need is your tiny bit of effort. A screenshot of your vote with the correct procedure of it, together with your desired numbers. This will be (6/50) lottery it means you need to pick 6 numbers from 1~50 only.

How the event works?
First is, you need to pick 6 Numbers from 1 to 50 only then go vote for our server because your vote is needed so that your entry will be accepted. Second is, you will post here your screenshot of your vote with the correct procedure of it, together with the 6 numbers you have picked. Lottery draws will take place on the last day of the week. I will be using an app called "Lotto Machine", the draw will be recorded by me using bandicam and it will be uploaded on that day also.

No idea where to vote?
Click here and it will bring you to the voting site

Where do I upload my screenshot?
Click here to see the guide

ex. format entry:
IGN: Zione
Lucky Lotto #: 01, 12, 23, 34, 45, 50
Rules to follow:
• You need to have at least 50 post to be able to join.
• Multiple accounts is prohibited.
• You can only post another entry after 12 hours.
• No multiple sending of entries, one at a time only.
• Include one of your character in-game in your post.
• Arrange the numbers from LOWEST to HIGHEST.

When will be the draw take place?
The draw will take every after 7days when draw result got posted. And I will post the winners together with the lottery draw video. If no one win, then the last entries will be ignored and we will start a new one for the week.

What is the prize?
Match 2 Lucky Numbers = 1,000 Gold Credits + 1 forum IMES
Match 3 Lucky Numbers = 3,500 Gold Credits + 1 forum IMES
Match 4 Lucky Numbers = 20,000 Gold Credits + 2 forum IMES
Match 5 Lucky Numbers = 50,000 Gold Credits + 2 forum IMES
Match 6 Lucky Numbers = 100,000 Gold Credits + 3 forum IMES

Note: Please read carefully the instruction to avoid unnecessary questions. Let's keep the thread clean as much as we can. I will ask also the assistance of the Moderator team for this event.​


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IGN: Jucie
Numbers: 01, 04, 10, 25, 31, 38

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