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Forum Event InfinityMU Meme - July 2021

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Sep 11, 2015
Latvia, Riga


Hello, Infinitians!

Here we are again for another month of this event. It's about sharing funny moments connected to InfinityMU through memes, which I think we will all enjoy.

- What do you need to do?
-You can use any meme generator available on the internet, but here I have chosen 2 which I find good: https://imgflip.com/memegenerator / https://makeameme.org/memegenerator;
-You have to create a meme connected to InfinityMU, not just some random meme and post it here in this thread + your IGN;
-Double posts aren't allowed;
-Only 1 account allowed per participant;
-No racist/discriminatory/offensive/sеxist/pornography content - it's just for fun;
-You can post maximum of 3 entries;
-You have the example on how to post in the main post of this event, I suggest using postimg and imgur, just copy/paste the link from "direct link" and use IMG BBCode tags wrapped around link that ends with .gif / .jpg / .gif;
-Images directly uploaded in forum instead of being uploaded in external image hosting service sites will not be accepted;
-Deadline: 15th of July.

If anything from the above is not clear, PM me before posting your entries and I will explain.

- What are the prizes?

1st place - 10,000GC + 10 Forum IMES

2nd place - 5,000GC + 5 Forum IMES

3rd place - 3,000GC + 3 Forum IMES

500 Gold Credits + 1 Forum IMES for people that get a vote in the poll!


Not open for further replies.