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Big Forum Event InfinityMU Wiki Writer Event - Summer Edition 2021

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March 10th , 2018


Hello, dears!

I am happy to announce the Summer Edition of our lovely Seasonal InfinityMU Wiki Writer Event

This season, the Wiki team has 8 special articles* that need their lores. So prepare your keyboard and start writing.

Articles that need lore for this event:
Sylion Bone Set
Bes Eclipse Set
Banek Pad Set
Argo Spirit Set
Karis Spirit Set
Eplete Scale Set
Khons Dark Steel Set
Peize Silk Set

* If you feel like you could be inspired by any other Wiki Article from our Wiki page, you can choose it.
Please send me a PM with the chosen article, to approve it.

What is a Lore, you ask?
Lore: The backstory created around a fictional universe.

Rules of the event

1. Each participant can join with only 1 lore.
2. The lores must be written in English and should be submitted IN THIS THREAD only.
3. The lore should be max. 3.500 characters (no spaces) long or it will not be accepted.
4. The lores must be created in the iMU world with iMU characters/sets/weapons/maps/etc.
5. Do not copy the lore from someplace else.The Wiki Team will keep track of the originality.
and validity of each lores, if you break the rule your entry won't be accepted.
Kindly check rule no. 17 from the Forum Rules.

6. Stories with offensive language will not be accepted.
7. Normal font is required.
9. Write your In-game name(IGN) above the entry that you are going to post. If you don't provide a valid IGN your rewards will not be added.
9. Entries submitted after the given deadline will not be accepted.

Examples of lores:

Cassiopeia Queen Set
Seth Dark King Set
Moloch Sacrifice Set

Criteria for judging the entries:

Good English spelling and grammar
Sentence construction

The prizes:

1st PLACE:
+ 10.000 Gold Credits +10 FIMES
+ A chance to be Wiki Team member
+ 3 uber acc*

2nd PLACE:
5.000 Gold Credits + 5 FIMES
+ 2 uber acc*

3rd PLACE:
+ 3.000 Gold Credits + 3 FIMES
+ 1 uber acc*

Consolation prizes to all entries: 2,000 gold credits

*the uber acc will be given if the lores will be amazingly good.

All entries that respect the rules of the event will be submitted in the InfiniWiki, after they are thoroughly checked for misspells and grammar mistakes.

Deadline for submitting entries:1st of August
The poll will be made after the deadline.

If you have any questions related to this event, you can always PM me.

Creativity&Inspiration FTW!



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June 12th , 2021
Los† Tower


IGN: iDanzoy
Banek Pad Set

Long ago, the White Wizard and his orcs invades the cities of Lorencia, Devias and Noria by the order of the ancient evil being Kundun in the continent of iMU.

Young and brave Dark Knights, Fairy Elves and Dark Wizards stood up to protect the cities and one of them is Banek, He was a skilled wizard, a mighty warrior and nothing was more important to him than saving his cities from this almost certain destruction.

The White Wizard and the orcs soon got close enough to the city and attempted to break in, the battle of the iMU cities are critical and has been one of the greatest war.
Just before dawn fortunately the brave warriors got the victory and was able to defeat the enemy regardless of being outnumbered.

However, victorious, Banek and other wizard are badly wounded and heard rumors that those legions will return, though wounded he swore that he’ll protect the cities until his last breath and death will come to those evil beings that invades the cities that he loves.

Pasi the Mage together with Priestess Sevina and with the help of Hanzo the Blacksmith they decided to forge the first ever ancient Dark Wizard set and named it after those two brave wizards Apollo and Banek to prepare themselves.

They hoped to rid the land of evil by preventing the Kundun's loyal servants the White Wizards return.


March 2nd , 2018
Cd Bolivar



Khons Dark Steel Set

In the northeastern area of the MU continent, there is a land where there lived a race that possessed by far the most advanced civilization even before any civilization appeared on the MU continent. Deep underground on the island, they built a kingdom they called "Kanturu." With years of research and experiments done to find ways to survive in the sterile environment, they have still been able to develop high-level skills in technology, biotechnology and science. On top of this, they incorporated the magical energies of the magical kingdom "Arka" that develop a far advanced system. According to this system, the Kanturu people built an underwater city called Atlans. The abundant resources of the Atlans allowed him to grow and develop beyond Kanturu.

The Kanturu people lived a life of satisfaction with their civilization while troubles occurred in the shades. Using their biotechnology skills, they created various life forms as well the ecosystem was destroyed and accelerated the desertification of Tarkan and now life forms roam the Tarkan desert. Among the life forms created by the Kantur people, there were creatures with similar or higher intelligence than humans, who understood and felt rage in the actions of the Kantur people. These creatures rebelled against their perpetrators and began to fight for their rights to survival, causing Kantur to fall apart from within.

During Lugard's year 1870, also known as the year 1010, the Kundun of MU was resurrected and they spread their forces beyond the continent of MU, at Kanturu. Consequently, the vassal state of Kanturu, Atlans, was also attacked. However, due to the domestic war between the Kantur people and the rebellion life forms, Kantur did not have any forces reserved to help the Atlans, and the Atlans, in time, fell into the hands of Kundun. It was only afterwards that the people of Kantur felt the urgency to fight Kundun and tried to find ways to stop the forces from him, but by this time, it was too late. Unable to blockade the Kundun due to lack of resources from the continuous domestic battle, the prosperous Kanturu civilization was destroyed and faded into history.

After forming an alliance with the magical kingdom "Arka", the people of Kanturu continued research on the essence of forms and making mixed life forms by combining the forces of various species, using the magical energies of Arka and their own technology. However, the essential medium used in the arrangement of mixed life forms, Jewel of Harmony, is "unable to use" in the natural state, so the people of Kanturu could not bring out the energy of life. complete jewel, resulting in strange-looking mixed life forms or those with few abilities. Thus, the people of Kantur proceeded to research on the Jewel of Harmony as well as mixed life forms, and after long years of research, she discovered a way to change the Jewel of Harmony into a jewel "capable of using" its condition. Once able to utilize the energies of the Jewel of Harmony, Dr. Jade, Kanturu's top biotech researcher and an expert in creating mixtures of life forms, determined to give birth to a more ideal and more perfect using the Jewel of Harmony as a medium, and his first essay was to create a life that has the most perfect brain.

Excited by Elpis' success, the researchers focused on creating a life form that has the best fighting capabilities, and the results ultimately won. Nightmare Code ST-X814, aka Nightmare, was born. However, unexpectedly, The Nightmare did not accept the existence of the investigators and its creator, and instead took control over the other mixed life forms and started a rebellion to escape the investigators' control.

Due to Nightmare's unexpected behavior, a battle between the people of Kantur and the mixed life forms began and escalated into an internal war. After a long internal war, the country was impoverished and the people of Kantur tried to regain status, but Nightmare's fighting forces were too strong and the forces of rebellion dwindled, despite the sacrifices made so far.
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April 21st , 2020


Ign: Khaleesia

Peize Silk set

In the old, ancient times of the world of Infinity, there was an unnamed goddess. She loved the harmony and peace and her people worshipped her with great love. But as the time went on, the people soon forgotten about her and she started to loose the worshippers. Her harmony and peace was broken by monsters that invaded once peacefull lands.

The unnamed goddess decided to descent to the land to see the world with her own eyes. She took an appearance of beautiful elf in shining Silk set. She named herself Peize. But what she saw in the world, shatered her belief in good of people. Peize didn't understand any of the fighting the people did, nor did she understand the meaning of wars. She became sad... so sad. The goddess wandered around the world alone in her sadness and even if she met kind people, it didn't help her to recover.

Until many years later. On her journey, she met a kind elf named Gaia. They quickly became friends and Gaia accompanied Peize on her journey around the world. Gaia had the ability to bring all the good out of people - something Peize forgotten a long time ago, since descending to the land of living.

As their journey continued, Peize restored the faith in people, but she was weaker and weaker. She couldn't continue the journey like that anymore so Gaia came up with an idea. Gaia, like Peize, was wearing Silk set so she offered Peize to mix both of their sets together. Peize agreed but still feared their sets won't be compatible with each other. She gave her the helm and armor, parts that were the strongest and in exchange, Peize got helm, armor and the crosbow from Gaia. Each set has different powers. While Peize's set was more focused on the defense, Gaia's has the attack force. But little did they know, that Gaia and Peize were long lost sisters and their sets were a gift from their parents that decided to separate them.

But fate is going its own way and the long lost sisters found their way back together. Peize found her lost strenght in Gaia and so, she could continue her journey. Gaia decided to go back to her home she left unattended for a long time she was travelling with Peize but promised her, that they will be together forever. And so... Peize is still on her journey while Gaia keeps an eye on her.


August 23rd , 2019


IGN: Jucie

Sylion Bone Set

Amidst the barren lands of endless sand in the region of Tarkan, lies an underground dungeon, sealing an ancient demon, only known as Sylion. For what seemed like eternity, the seal held it captive, yet the rising problem of the seal weakening thru time remains a constant threat to the entire continent.

The three former kingdoms of Lorencia, Devias and Noria made an alliance in the form of an empire called Loderia. For years, they have been carefully devising a strategy to eradicate the beast for good. Hundreds of warriors and wizards were long prepared for this fateful encounter. When at last the emperor gave the order, willfully these soldiers marched unto uncertainty.

As they approached the beast's lair, the atmosphere started to get heavier and heavier, the bone-chilling breeze carried an ill will of hatred and contempt started to break the once strong determination these brave men had and terrified most of them to their knees, evident of the seal gradually being weakened. Even then, it took the archmages four days to completely break the barrier with constant pouring of heavy magic, finally revealing forth a petrifying abomination, -a demon by the name of Sylion!

Free at long last, the creature wore a murderous smile filled with excitement and bloodlust, before it began to ravage everyone who dared stay near, sucking away their life to feed its own. The beast's soul-breaking display of raw power made it clear as day that the gap between men and demons is something far beyond imagination. Realizing the imminent danger they're now in, the men desperately cried to the gods for help.

Reach the heavens did their plead for salvation, and Odin, being the merciful god that he is, immediately sent his son, the mighty Thor to aid the humans in this one-sided massacre they've put themselves into. Merely seconds after their desperate cry for help, a glorious flash of blinding light sparked through the heavens right before Sylion is struck with the thunder god's wrath. Now enraged more than ever by the interference of the god, Sylion drew out all the power it held inside and fought the god in what looked like an evenly matched duel 'til both suffered fatal wounds and succumbed to their injuries and exhaustion. Seeing an opening to attack, the archmages consecutively hit Sylion with lightning, ice and fire 'til they brought it to its knees before the god landed the final strike, ending the demon's life.

He then ordered they burn the remains before he left, but the emperor had other ideas, he wanted its bones to be kept intact and made into a fine suit of armor as a trophy of their bitter-sweet victory. A decision that he soon regretted, moments before he was struck down by his own men after being overpowered by the bone armor's own will.

To this day, the suit remained intact. Deeply buried under the sand where Sylion once was imprisoned, never to be seen again. A powerful set of armor made of diabolic bones, corrupting the soul of whosoever dares wield it.
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