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Big Forum Event InfinityMU Wiki Writer Event - Winter Edition 2020

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Mar 10, 2018


Hello, dears!

I am happy to announce the Winter Edition of our lovely Seasonal InfinityMU Wiki Writer Event

This season, the Wiki team has 15 special articles* that need their lores. So prepare your keyboard and start writing.

Articles that need lore for this event:
Evis Bone Set
Sylion Bone Set
Bes Eclipse Set
Banek Pad Set
Argo Spirit Set
Karis Spirit Set
Eplete Scale Set
Berserker Scale Set
Khons Dark Steel Set
Nyx Dark Steel Set
Gaion Storm Crow Set
Browii Adamantine Set
Agnis Adamantine Set
Gaia Silk Set
Peize Silk Set

* If you feel like you could be inspired by any other Wiki Article from our Wiki page, you can choose it.
Please send me a PM with the chosen article, to approve it.

What is a Lore, you ask?
Lore: The backstory created around a fictional universe.

Rules of the event

1. Each participant can join with only 1 lore;
2. The lores must be written in English and should be submitted IN THIS THREAD only;
3. The lore should be max. 3.500 characters (no spaces) long or it will not be accepted;
4. The lores must be created in the iMU world with iMU characters/sets/weapons/maps/etc and iMU inspired names (not from Greek/Ancient mythology);
5. Do not copy the lore from someplace else.The Wiki Team will keep track of the originality;
and validity of each lores, if you break the rule your entry won't be accepted;
Kindly check rule no. 17 from the Forum Rules;

6. Stories with offensive language will not be accepted;
7. Normal font is required;
9. Write your In-game name(IGN) above the entry that you are going to post. If you don't provide a valid IGN your rewards will not be added;
9. Entries submitted after the given deadline will not be accepted.

Examples of lores:

Cassiopeia Queen Set
Seth Dark King Set
Moloch Sacrifice Set

Criteria for judging the entries:

Good English spelling and grammar
Sentence construction

The prizes:

1st PLACE:
+ 20.000 Gold Credits +10 FIMES
+ A chance to be Wiki Team member
+ 3 uber acc*

2nd PLACE:
10.000 Gold Credits + 5 FIMES
+ 2 uber acc*

3rd PLACE:
+ 6.000 Gold Credits + 3 FIMES
+ 1 uber acc*

Consolation prizes to all entries: 4,000 gold credits

*the uber acc will be given if the lores will be amazingly good.

All entries that respect the rules of the event will be submitted in the InfiniWiki, after they are thoroughly checked for misspells and grammar mistakes.

Deadline for submitting entries:17th of January 2021
The poll will be made after the deadline.

If you have any questions related to this event, you can always PM me.

Creativity&Inspiration FTW!

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Apr 8, 2011


IGN: KLayz
Lore: Berserker Scale Set

There was once an Ancient Nomadic tribe who wandered the lands of Kanturu, part of their tribe was Notable hunter-warriors who hunted the skin and meat of the splinter wolves, the skin serves as their clothes and the horns were used as weapons. Going deep in the lands of Kanturu they encountered several beasts like the Genocider, Gigantis, Kentauros, Blade Hunters and one of which was a beast they called Berserk, this beast who destructively frenzied their warriors and hunters easily, no matter how many they sent out, their warriors were all killed by stronger beasts. Each day was a struggle for the Nomad Tribe and all hope was lost.

One day the Chieftain set out on a journey seeking stronger weapons, he wandered upon a strange place of relics there he met the Goddess Maya. He told Maya about the struggles they have, living with such stronger beasts in the lands of Kanturu and that He wanted to have something to defeat the beasts, Maya saw that the Chieftain’s intentions were pure and his people in need of dire help. Thus Maya decided to give him the Power of the beast that they are fearing, and gave him the Berserker Scale Set.

Returning to his tribe the Chieftain fought the beasts and easily defeated them, he conquered most of the lands in Kanturu, but little did he know that the power of Nightmare was already spreading beyond control in Kanturu and that The Berserker Scale set will have effects on him whenever he uses it, The strength of the Berserker takes control over him, Enemy tribes would fear the Chieftain as no number of beasts nor man was enough to stop the Berserker Chieftain from killing anyone on its path.
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Jun 26, 2018


IGN: [Warean]
The Untold story of Prometheus​

On the night of December, on the continent of Niflheim there was born two mythical identical creature’s, they were Alviss and Prometheus. Alviss was the chosen one and his path was to be hero and in the other hand Prometheus would be the cursed child “The destroyer”. The Dragon Guardians along with Grand Reset Master abandoned Prometheus and thrown him from the cliff of Niflheim. Not to realize what will happen to the young boy Prometheus, for the child will die no prophecy will happen. Years past by and the prophecy happen where Alviss became the hero and a savior of Devias forgetting, a brother whom Alviss have blood relation to from the prophecy.

REWIND: As Grand Reset Master thrown the child from the cliff many meters below a portal opened to another dimension no one seem to notice happen after that incident. The portal has summoned him to LostTower and was raised by Dragons. They raised him as a scavenger and a living Dragon and define darkness as their home.

Hence we see LostTower has the most window warp and has the largest continents from LostTower 1 until LostTower 7.

But years past, many Dragons died due to continuous reason of war between titans that lead other Dragons Invade other continents and was never seen a Dragon standing still at LostTower. The remains are skeletal parts and bones. Prometheus luckily manages to surpass the titans to kill them and escape warping to other dimension alongside with the other Dragons. As the escaped happened Prometheus was left unconscious to the laps of a dragon and migrate him to the continent of Noria. The next morning he woke up in a grassy silky sunny day of Noria.

Prometheus woke up and was left alone, He wasn’t used to the climate nor to the vibes of the place brings. Remember he was raised in darkness along with a minded scavenger, so adopting the surrounding would take a bit of time for him. As he walked the grassy field of Noria a strange Bubble was formed and later on a hooded stranger appeared from nowhere. The hooded Strange began to talk and made a conversation with Prometheus. The strange hooded man was “Charon” as the two began their conversation Charon started to invite him to a mission. Prometheus disclaims the offer of Charon, but Charon insisted and persuades him to talks like, what is your purpose of living? He claims that if Prometheus will accept the invitation, his life will show its meaning and the purpose of living. Prometheus thought of it and started to mock his decisions like, what is my true identity? So Prometheus accepts the invitation and finishes the trials in Devil Square, he fought many titans and creeps until the Kundun’s arrived they’re hard to battle with because they’re the bosses of the place. Prometheus was a scavenger that it’s easy for him to slay co-scavengers to lead him in victory. All happen fast as a flash and the particles explode from the Kundun’s body dropping multiple items, he noticed a familiar itemed dropped by the Kundun’s that is fitting for him so although it was missing parts. Meanwhile He has the Helm, Gloves and Shield, he noticed it so very familiar to him the he grasp to it all the time. Prometheus then was teleport back to Charon in Noria and Charon gladly greets him unto his success. After a moment Charon did had a visions from Prometheus while they were talking and between Charon startled and coughed so loudly that Prometheus noticed the strange mood of Charon.

Then Charon started to talk; did you know a prophecy of the dragon? From the one is cursed and the other is blessed, Prometheus sighted so curiously that he ask what is happen to him, then laugh like he thinks that Charon is doing a creepy story or made up fallacy. Charon immediately holds showed his crystal ball and showed Prometheus the vision he has indeed. That time Prometheus seen the actual vision that Charon had then to cut long story to short that time Prometheus knew everything from the start until the now. Prometheus was ranging in anger, he was very angry he scolds to blame his creators and the things he have been through a lot of pain. After then Prometheus thanked Charon for the hints and helping him throughout his missing life. Prometheus range up and traveled to Devias where the parts and remains of his brother Alviss was imbedded and steal it from the authorities.

Prometheus has vanished and is planning to attack the place of Niflheim where it all started. Truly Prometheus is a vicious men also a scavenger but the capacity of his thinking is not abomination, he seeks revenge to the creators made up his story line and pay them back for their misleading prophecy.

Hope all who have read this story quite be amazing even though is made up....
Thank you and this is the end :)
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