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Finished Event Kill the Boss - November 2020...

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A Critical Call of Duty!

Kill the Boss

Event Description :
This event consists of 2 stages.

Stage 1:
The generals will appear on a specific map and you have to find and slay them!
After all the generals were declared dead, that is the time the real battle will begin.

Stage 2:
The Evil Boss will be attacking the InfinityMU Kingdom. Anyone who is brave enough is encouraged to join and let us altogether show the Boss that here in Infinity, whoever disturbs peace will receive no mercy.
The Boss Slayer will receive corresponding rewards as a sign of gratitude.

Mechanics of the event :
All present staff members will be using 2k pots
Each staff member is valued at 3,000 Gold Credits and 3 IMES points
The last staff member that was killed will play the role of the Boss.

Location, Date and Time of the Event :

Server 4, Sunday 1st of November 2020 - 1 hour after Regular CS time!
4:00pm Server time

-Click Here-

All buffs allowed
All classes allowed
Summon is allowed
Any attempt to disrupt the event will lead to ban If you are caught to use any bug/hack or somehow broke the main rules of the server you will be DC from the event

System for Evaluation :
After the staff member dies, he/she will keep a record (with screenshots preferably)
of his corresponding killer and add the prizes accordingly.
Moderator prizes will be added by Ezio on his own scoreboard.
Full list of winners will be updated in this thread after the event is finished.

Prize(s) :
Stage 1:
3,000 Gold Credits + 3 IMES
For each kill made on any staff member

Stage 2 :
Tartarus Mace of Emperor or the Sacred Mace of King
And Boss Slayer Tag

Brought to you by:

Infinity MU Staff Team
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On 1st of November 2020 The Boss Monster and his Six Generals has Risen and give a darkness in the whole continent.
All the Strongest Infinitians try to hunt it.
They got the news that the boss invaded at Atlans, all soldiers of continent went there to kill all the generals but they dont see even the shadow of the Boss.
Until they found out that the Boss was hidden Noria. They're Teaming up to fight the unbeatable power of that demon.

The Boss slayer


Members of the council watching over the event :

Ancalagon, Varamyr, Booms, Gells, Pooch Kronwell Ezio

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