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KillaFrost[Formerly BooRayven]

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April 16th , 2020


Name & IGN: Tal Refaelly & RayPalmer / KillaFrost
Guild: Miracles / League
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Country + Timezone: Israel + GMT+3
Skype ID: Idk why its like that: live:.cid.f9233b6bb9cb480b [but you can search up Tal Refaelly]
: 1) English - Highly fluent English speaker 2) Hebrew - Native Language

Experience on InfinityMU:
I have been a member of iMU Community since 04/15/2020. On a larger general scale, InfinityMU has shown me that MU is much more than just a game, it is a way of life, of the Infinitians who are caring and devoted to both the game and the people, and I love how invested this server is, through-out it's diverse forum section, staff activity, and a good market flow & economical system that assure the game is F2P - which is totaly awesome. On a more personal scale, I've been making many friends throughout this passing year, while learning how this server works: the market prices, the rules to it, important set info for better PvPing experience [as an Elf], and lately I've been hosting fun & very nice rewarded hosted player events since I know players are always up for a break from provoking each other on stadium all the time [xD] and I enjoy having them entertained very much, which is why I figured I will apply for being an EM on your team, even though some stuff I'm gonna come clean about might lower my chances.
Availability during a regular week:
Since I am soon to be working a full-time job [ Finished my B.A On Economics & Logistics :D] This will be my Availability: Sunday-Thursday: 2 Hours a day
Friday-Saturday: 4-5 hours a day.
What are your biggest weaknesses:
Reaching high tempers when I am not successful, but I'll calm down as fast as i've climbed up, with minimum collateral damage hah.
What are your biggest strengths?
Very emotional and Pink optimistic kind of way to view the world, and it's people, decisive in achieving my goals, knowing when to give up, and having the ability to run into my musician world heal my soul in it. [I'm a Vocalist]
Why should we hire you?
First and Foremost! MU is my first MMORPG at the age of 9 years old!
Those all-nighters on Friday nights are the reason im back playing.
I believe I can fulfill this position greatly since I have qualities that fit it perfectly, as described above.
______________________________________________________________________________________________________________Extra Information

Lastly, I'm going to come clean of my dirt.
on March & April I have been banned twice, under using racist words, and heavy insults, combined with ordinary ones
I know nothing I can say will justify it, I was so shocked by that obnoxious level of dirt that came out of my mouth.
But I can assure you this: even tho it was so wrong of me to do that, I am in true regret and acceptance towards a clean future.
if I have gotten twice in a month to this obnoxious place, it is HIGHLY irregular behavior from me since I'm usually a quiet, inner self, peaceful, and peace-seeking dude! which is how anyone who know me IRL will describe me.
and I can promise, that sort of thing, or anything even REMOTELY close to it, will never happen again, in all my years Zen, and Professionalism, were and will keep on being my key qualities. I'm also ready to ask for forgiveness from anyone who I Hasn't asked yet.
Thanks for your time and power invested in making iMU the best place to be.
Sincerely, Tal Refaelly.

Kindly refrain from posting in this thread unless its for suggestions or objections. I do not wish to see spam, or unwanted posts, despite the fact that they may mean well. You can thank me through Visitor Messaging or thx button. Lets keep this thread clean. Yes, "good job bro" or things along those lines are spam.



May 17th , 2015
Lorencia 78 153


Hello and thank you for your Applications!

Before I start I want to say this(Not only for you). From the moment you apply for Event Master(I can't say about other ranks), you stop being a normal player. You have to focus on your duties more than playing the game. Ofc you can play the game but you should place your duties above the game. There are some former Event Masters who regret things they have done probably, by acting unprofessional.

I will start with the negatives.
I do not rly know you, nor you made sure to be seen in both forum and game for several months before you make an application. But what I saw, and to be honest I dislike this behavior a lot and I have seen it on many EM Applicants, is the sudden change of behavior to super friendly and super caring. I do not remember you acting like that in the past, but you are acting like it now few weeks before your application. For example you recently start pressing the like button on my or other staffs threads. I want to say here that I do not believe that you are doing this in order to gain my trust to get into the team, but more like you think that It looks good or it is a positive thing. It is not. I am a very logical person(some times :D ) and I always see things differently from other people. I try and look behind the big picture and veeeeeery often I try to think like other people would, in order to see how they think and what is the reason behind their behavior/words. It's hard to gain my trust so that's why I am very strict when filtering people.

Also we had a tiny argument in game a week or two before I think. Long story short, you asked me to help a guy that was looking for a specific item from boxes and I said no, so you tried to convince me that I should be helping people while you did not rly know the person you were talking to and what help he has given to people. It is always good to think the possibility that the person you are talking with is not what or who you think he is and you surely can't know what that person has been through or what he has done so far for the general good.

Last but not least. The time you can spend on your duties, Sunday-Thursday: 2 Hours a day Friday-Saturday: 4-5 hours a day, are not that satisfying. 2 hours a day from Sunday to Thursday is pretty of low. If you could spend it on events that's fine, but Sunday you need to be able to participate on all big events. And if for any reason you are found playing on that time instead of doing your duties then that will trigger my anger a lot and you will end up just like some former EMs that got demoted for unprofessionalism.

Now for the positives.
Your application is well written with good information provided (thing rare in our days).
Your time zone is what we are looking for more or less.
Very good knowledge of the English language.
Also from the research that we have made I noticed no selfishness on your behavior. You accept your mistakes and move on, and that is very good in my opinion, along with accepting constructive feedback, because acceptance of our mistakes is what makes us better. So I believe that you want to be better.

In conclusion...
Yes you can fit in the EM team. But not now...
I want to see more from you. And when I say more I mean more regarding the general good of the community and I have seen you helping people. I do not care if you talk to me, personally, with a super friendly attitude or party me every time u see me to "chill", or like all my threads in forum. Those things matters not to me at all, and some times they look more like negative in my eyes rather than positive. What I want to see from you is working on helping people not only with events or dropping boxes, but making people feel comfortable, giving them valuable information, helping them with whom they need to contact with when they have a problem and so on. In few words you need to work on your reputation. Show me that you can do that, and surely in the future I will give you a chance because if you succeed on this, you will absolutely fit into the EM team. You have to gain our trust and that is not made with being super friendly with us, but showing actual actions. I believe you can do it so start working on it and you can re-apply after some time.

PS: Don't forget about the Big Events Participation. You need to be present during Big EVENTS as an Event Master. :D

Safety and Peace!
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