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Top Yearly Event Mr. & Ms. Infinity 2021

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Sep 11, 2015
Latvia, Riga


(Banner made by ours truly, Heruvim.)

Hello dear Infinitians,

The time has come for InfinityMU to choose a new Mr and Ms Infinity for 2021!

How to participate?

- You have to post here in this thread, a picture of you holding a piece of paper on which there must be written "Ms Infinity 2021" or "Mr Infinity 2021" and under that, include your in-game / forum name, if you are creative enough, you can create it out of something as well;
- You are allowed to post only 1 picture;
- Multiple registrations aren't allowed and might get your main forum account banned if you try to cheat, as well as get you disqualified;
- You must NOT edit your picture in any way, otherwise your entry will not be accepted;
*Staff Members aren't allowed to join.

- Outfit;
- Background;
- Looks;
- Efforts;
- Creativity.

What is the prize?

- Entries will be divided into two polls - Men & Women. Winner of the men poll shall get the Mr Infinity tag and woman will get the Ms Infinity tag for 1 year + both will get an Uber Sacred MoK OR Uber TMoE + 20 Forum Imes each + permanent Infinity Hardcore tag.


- You can post your entries till 6th of February 2021.

Good luck, I am waiting for you to post your amazing entries :)
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