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New/Returning to the Server? (Have a read)

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Feb 23, 2013


New to Our Server? Returning Player?

Here is some stuff you need to know before you start playing and using the forum:

InfinityMU Wiki

Vote Reward System - Earn credits by voting every 12 hours and support the Server!
Credits are used to buy items from the Webshop, and More..

Post Count: Each forum section has required post count you need in order to post in it.
You may find your post count in your profile under "About Me" tab, or at each new/old forum post that was made by you.


You need at least 15 post counts to send a Private Message and post in the Forum's sections

If you don't have enough posts to post/send PM We suggest you try and post in these sections:

In urgent cases New user can use Visitor Message to contact Staff, from this Smod/SGM can add the 'fake' 15 post so the User can use Private Message function.

Sharing accounts: You are not allowed to share your account with anyone! You take full responsibility over your account the moment you register.

Selling/Buying or trading accounts: You are not allowed to buy/sell/trade accounts from/to anyone, this would lead to ban according to the Banning Procedures.

Password: Its important to pick hard password in both Game, and Forum, also make sure they are totally different from each other.
The password should include Upper Case Letters, and numbers.
We recommend you to change password every few months to be safe.

Forum Sections:

News & Announcements: News on Game & Forum, Staff Team Updates.

Rules, Guidelines & FAQs: Information and Updates on Game & Forum Rules.

Events: This section holds Information regarding all the current running/past Events.
(Forum Events), Staff in-game Events, Big in-game Events, and Events Winners.

Ban List: Holds Information regarding players who wen't rough, and therefore got banned.

Offical Polls: in this section you may find Offical Polls regarding the Server, and also Events Polls.

Player Hosted Events: Regular players can create and host their own events here!
To post there you must have your event approved by LMOD or the Admin.
Make sure to read this!

Ban Appeals: In this section every player/user that got banned may Appeal on his Ban case whether it was ingame or forum.
Before posting an appeal follow this format.

Staff Report:
Report a staff member.
Action will be taken if your complaint is GENUINE.
read before posting.

Staff Applications: Do you wish to be part of our staff team, this is the place to apply.
This section is more for advanced members, make sure to read the turism before you apply!

General MU Discussions:
Here you can find all the past discussions made by our members, and also creat your own.

Questions: Post any questions which is ingame or forum related.
No bug reports or troubleshooting! (Game Related) this two have different sections.
You can also find Answerd Question that other players already asked, and you will find the answer to your question.
have a read before posting.

Report Section: Here you can Report rouge players,bugs,missing items and more.

The Report Section is to divided to 8 Sub Sections:

On each section you can find specified report rules, so make sure you read them before posting!
For more info visit this page.

Problems with the game? Get Assistance Here: This section is divided to 3 Sub Sections:

*Tech Support: - Problems you encounter while running the game client - such as: Client Crush,Stuck on server selection,Erros from live guard,Errors from game luancher and etc..
Please read this before posting.

*Private Challanges: Players invite each other to a duel base on thier own rules.
Hacks/Macros/Bugs exploit are not allowed of course, also you are not allowed to bet on Accounts, Uber Sets or Weapons you possess.

*Big Trade Assistance: Players may request help in big trade from the staff team.
BTA also includes Trades of VD,Rows,Draconites, and Draconites Sets.
More info can be found here.

Feedback and Suggestions: Help us to improve, in this section you can also find Accepted & Denied Suggestions, so make sure to check both so you won't repeat the same suggestion.

Market Place: Here you can buy or sell items you possess ingame.
does not include uber weapons, and uber sets which are not allowed to be trade in any case.
Have a read before posting.

Guild Section:
Here you can promote your new guild by posting information about your guild, and joining requirements.
You may bump your thread every 24 hours.
have a read before posting.

Guild Hall: This is a place for big alliances with large community that can have thier own sub section for discussing anything they want.
the sub section will be protected with a password which only the members will know and have access to.
Same forum rules apply on this section meaning that your not allowed to double post and post a spam threads or use bad words!
have a read before posting.

All the guides regarding Game/Forum Stuff.
For more detailed information we suggest you to visit our Wiki.

Game Skins: Here you can request a skin or find ones, and also share your own.

Screenshots and Videos: Here you can share your Game experience, showoff your skills and more.

Castle Siege:
Here you can discuss the last Siege, and share videos or photos from the event.
Info about the Castle Siege Event.

Say Hello:
As a new player you may introduce yourself to the community.
Have a read before posting.

Localized Forums: Find members from your own country.
Same Forum Rules apply on this section except one thing, here your allowed to chat only in the language of the country the thread was made for.

GFX: here you can request a signature or an avatar, showoff your gfx skills, find Tutorials, and Resources.]

Important Game Updates:


Events Schedule.
IMES & FIMES - What are IMES and Forum IMES, how to earn them, and what prizes you will get by having them.

Quick Links:

Game Related:

Forum Related:

[*] Transfer to InfiniyMU
[*] Terms of Service

[*] Refund Policy

Contact us:
Have a read before sending an Email or PM.

Social Networks:

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